Students studying abroad

many students after their high school education start hunt for the higher education for which mostly now a days tends to go out abroad to study, which not only helps them to achieve their dream profession but also provides them with exposure to a completely new world. Indulging with people from all over the world, learning their life style and culture and making friends with people of other nations is an experience that you cant have while in your country.

Here are some of the things what all the students studying abroad are mostly enjoying or are worried about:



Starting with the facts, homesickness is something that is going to bother everyone no worries how strong hearted you are but keeping this thing in your mind that you are far away from your home for a good cause will always keep your morals high. The best thing to minimize home sickness is to make new friends, making new friends depends on your circle of interests. Some of the people are quite shy while making new friends which in that case one can start making friends from people of their own country and slowly and gradually can become friends with people from all over the world.



As most of has passed our high school, heading towards the higher education in universities. The mode of education in universities all over the world is quite opposite to the colleges and schools. The concept of spoon feeding is no longer applicable in university. University in true form prepares you for the professional life where you don’t just compete each other with the years of knowledge you grasped from schools and colleges but also from the  skills you learned during your university life.


Hostel life:

The main thing that effects the students studying abroad is the hostel life, some of the students are already familiar with this life but some of us are quite new to this and breaking the ice- the hostel life is quite different from the life of a day scholar. You may have to follow a very tight schedule and when you head back to your room you are headed straight to the laundry that you have been passing from weeks over weeks, so be mentally prepared for that too!

Tianjin medical university

Medical sciences- one of the most ancient studies and still has room for new discoveries. When it comes to the medical universities in China we hear one of the finest universities name located at the heart of the country- “Tianjin Medical University” Tianjin Medical University was founded in 1951 and was the first medical institution approved by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China which clearly shows the grip of the institution in the medical sciences . Hsien-I Chu, a renowned endocrinologist, was the first president of the university.


Colleges and departments of Tianjin medical University:

There are different colleges and departments developed in the university which have a specific duty that is to deliver the standard education to the overseas students studying in there. There are many colleges and departments of tianjin medical University which are well-known and are highly appreciated for its services towards the international students.

Tianjin medical University includes eight departments involved in 15 specialties such as Clinical Medicine, Anesthesiology etc. but also Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine and Medical Humanities. The University has 6 university hospitals (affiliated hospitals), 11 clinical colleges, and over thirty teaching hospitals.


Majors and programs:

There are many programs and majors that are offered to the students studying in Tianjin medical University. The eight Local-level Key Disciplines are Endocrinology & Metabolic Disease, Oncology, Neurology, Medical Imaging, Urinary Surgery, Cardiovascular Diseases, Nuclear Medicine and General Surgery. Three Local-level Key Development Disciplines are Microbiology & Immunology, Ophthalmology and Stomatology. The University has nine Research Institutions, one Key Laboratory of Ministry of Health and nine Clinical Pharmacology Center of Ministry of Health. Over the recent ten years, about three hundred medical researches passed the appraisals and eleven researches won the national awards.


Scholarships and grants:

Tianjin medical University has always cared about the students studying and being a part of it for which it provides them with scholarships and other study facilities.

There are many types of scholarships that are offered to the students of Tianjin medical College here is a list of some of them:

People Scholarship, Zhu Xianyi Scholarships, Chen Lude Nursing Scholarship, Wang Kechang Scholarship, Science and Engineering Scholarship, Tianjin Takeda Scholarship, Jianxuyunzhu Medical Scholarship.

Shanghai University

Looking for an appropriate university that you always has dreamed of? You came to the right place, “Shanghai University” one of the finest university that has claimed itself not only in China but also among all other top Universities of the world. Shanghai University abbreviated as SHU or Shangda is a public research university located in the heart of China, Shanghai. Shanghai University is one of the nation’s leading research universities. Shanghai University has three different campuses which are located in Baoshan, Jing’an and Jiading districts.

The Shanghai University is well known for its services to the overseas students in many majors such as arts, laws, social science, mechanics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, life science, computer science, material science, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering and electronic engineering.


Programs of Shanghai University:

Shanghai University has 28 schools and 2 independent departments, with 71 undergraduate programs, 221 master programs, 17 engineering master programs, 117 Ph.D. programs, 17 post-doctoral programs and 2 MBA programs. All the programs are believed to be delivered by the finest professors and teachers of the entire country. The teachers teaching the overseas students of Shanghai University are having years of teaching experience in their particular subjects.

Key laboratories of Shanghai University:

There are 5 key laboratories of Shanghai University which are all equipped with the modern instruments and are provided to the international students to perform their experiments and research projects.

Here are some of the key laboratories of shanghai University:

1 National Key Laboratory of Modern Metallurgy and Material Manufacturing

2 National Key Lab of Material Composite and Advanced Dispersion Technology

3 National Key Laboratory of Specialty Fiber Optics and Optical Access Networks

4 Key Laboratory of OLED and Application Integration

5 Key Laboratory of Advanced ferrous materials


Library of Shanghai University:

The library of Shanghai University is full of many books and digests which are required by the international students studying at shanghai University. There are in total 3 libraries, the main library is on the Baoshan campus, Wenhui library is located on Yanchang campus, and Lianhe library resides on Jiading campus.

Study in China benefits

one of the most crucial part of higher education is to choose an institution that meets all your desires and requirements. Here under the title of Study in China benefits we shall discuss all the possible factors that play a major role in the proper standardized education of the overseas students studying at different universities in China.

Following are some of the most important study in China benefits:


The laboratories in the Chinese universities are according to the international standards with all the facilities available in it.

Students dealing with the sciences are subjected to the laboratories to master their professional skills.


Extra-curricular activities:

While discussing the study in China benefits it is very important to mention all the Extracurricular activities provide to the international students studying at different universities in China. There are many extra-curricular activities provided to the students studying in the Chinese universities. There are well-developed sport courts, arts and design society, dramatics society, chess clubs many more.



The universities allowed to give admission to the international students are compulsory to have libraries which are according to the international standards. These libraries contains books for all the majors that are taught in that particular university.



Part-time job

International students studying in China are forbidden to work, and work-study opportunity is relatively small.

Self-financed international students should make their financial preparations before arriving in China to ensure they can afford their tuition fees and living expenses.


Worldwide Gratitude:

Schools and employers all over the world appreciate degrees from Chinese universities. Graduates from china are highly sought after due to the impressive international reputation of the chinese education system. The graduates from china are believed to be having amazing professional skills that make them all from the chart.


Future opportunities:

By studying in china you will be having a golden ticket in the form of “many different professional degrees” that will take you anywhere in this world. All around the world the students graduating from china are respected and are considered to be overloaded with the knowledge and skills required in a leader.


Chinese cuisine:

Chinese cuisine- the most healthiest, full of nutrition and pleasure to your taste-buds. You might have already tried the Chinese food back in your country in some “Chinese restaurant” but are you sure that they provide you the ACTUAL taste? Or have you tried all of it? Trying the food where it actually originated from is a blessing!

University education in China

The university education in China is something that you should be least worried about while coming for higher education. All the Chinese universities are providing the standard education to the overseas students with all the international education facilities.

Here are some of the points you should know before applying for the higher University education in China:

Teaching quality:

The university education in China especially provided to the overseas student  is according to the international standards. The teachers teaching the overseas students are all well-qualified and well-experienced having years of experience in teaching their particular subjects.

The teacher chosen for teaching the overseas students are compulsory to be having at least the basic knowledge English as all the majors taught to the overseas students are in English. Most of the top ranked universities all have foreign teachers that are also chosen very precisely according to their qualifications and experience. Come join us today to enjoy the best standardized education in the entire world.


Curriculums in Chinese Universities:

There are different curriculums in china that are taught to the overseas students in china in many different universities. Medicine and engineering are one of the most applied curriculums by the overseas students in china. However there are some other curriculums as well which are appreciated by the students coming to china for higher education which are as follows:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Horticulture
  3. Dentistry
  4. Fisheries
  5. Aero-science
  6. Dynamics
  7. Mathematics
  8. Arts
  9. Music
  10. Language
  11. History
  12. Law
  13. Geography
  14. Nuclear physics
  15. Mechanics


Best studying facilities  

In almost all the Chinese universities the study facilities provided to the international students are according to the international standards. These facilities include the following things:



3.Extra-curricular activities.




The dormitories in every university in China are according to the international standards with all the modern day facilities available in it like internet connection, furniture and separate toilet.

The fee for the dormitories are not the same for every university in china and are somewhat in between 5000 RMB to 10000 RMB per year depending upon the facilities required by you.

Top ranking universities in China

According to some thinktanks and intellectuals from all over the world China is soon going to lead other nations of the world due to its massive progress in different fields, one of the main field in which China has claimed itself is the Education! Yes, many students form all over the world are coming to China just for the sole purpose of higher education. China has become more like a main hub for the higher education. Here are some of the main things one should know all about China and all the top ranking Universities in China

entry requirements:

There are many highly recognized universities in china for overseas students that offers you to study in china under an student visa but the hurdle is that you MUST meet the entry requirements. The entry requirements for the visa are set by the Chinese government itself and is pretty much strict! However the entry requirements for different universities are set by the administration of the particular university and depends on the ranking of the university on the global as well as on the national level.

The entry requirements are also set on the basis of major and program you choose. Some of the universities in china are reluctant towards the entry requirements however at the same time some universities are very strict especially the ones with a good ranking like,

Tsing Hua University

City University of Hong Kong

Peking University

Fudan university

Shanghai Jiao tong university

Renmin university of china


Top ranking universities in China details:

China Rank 2018 World University Rank 2018 University Province/Area

1 =27 Peking University Beijing

2 30 Tsinghua University Beijing

3 116 Fudan University Shanghai

4 132 University of Science and Technology of China Anhui

5 =169 Nanjing University Jiangsu

6 =177 Zhejiang University Zhejiang

7 =188 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai

=8 351–400 Sun Yat-sen University Guangdong

=9 401–500 Huazhong University of Science and Technology Hubei

=9 401–500 Tongji University Shanghai

=9 401–500 Wuhan University Hubei

=9 401–500 Xiamen University Fujian

=13 501–600 Central China Normal University Hubei

=13 501–600 East China Normal University Shanghai

=13 501–600 Harbin Institute of Technology Heilongjiang

=13 501–600 Renmin University of China Beijing

=13 501–600 Shandong University Shandong

=13 501–600 Soochow University Jiangsu

=13 501–600 South China University of Technology Guangdong

=13 501–600 Southeast University Jiangsu


Scholarship opportunities:

China offers scholarships to the hardworking and brilliant overseas students studying in different majors in universities of china. The students are awarded one time scholarship which is around 5000RMB and also in the form of monthly allowance by which the students may not need to pay the accommodation fee. There are different types of scholarships which can be categorized as follows,

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

And freshman scholarships. The scholarships can also be categorized according to the following categories:

1.  Scholarship offered by the provincial government.

2. Scholarship offered by the top ranking universities in China.

3. Scholarship offered by the government.


CGS: Chinese Government Scholarship;

CCSP: Confucius China Studies Program;

US: University Scholarships;

ES: Enterprise Scholarship;

CLGS: Chinese Local Government Scholarship

Best universities in China for international students

Choosing china for further studies would prove one of your best decisions you ever made. There are many universities in china that are well known and holds a great reputation among all other universities of the world. One of the reason of achieving this reputation is the hard work and dedication of the faculty and staff of the universities.

Best universities in China for international students according to majors:

Below are some universities categorized according to the majors offered in different universities in China for overseas students:

Best engineering universities in China for international students:

There are many top universities in china that offers you a degree that is highly appreciated anywhere in this entire world. Some of these famous universities are as follows:



Tsinghua University.

Peking University.

Fudan University.

University of Science and Technology of China.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Nanjing University.

Zhejiang University.

Beijing Normal University.



Peking University

Tsing Hua University

Zhejiang University

Renmin University of China

Wuhan University



Peking University

Tsing Hua University

Tianjin Medical University

Wuhan University

Dalian Medical University




Peking University

Harbin Institute of Technology

Wuhan University

Hunan University

Nankai University



General information:

Around 600 colleges and universities are accredited to admit international students. Rather than rankings, Chinese people generally refer to Project 211 and Project 985 – initiatives by the Ministry of Education in the 1990s, aimed at supporting and developing approximately 100 key universities, and developing world-leading higher education. The closing date for applications is usually in April or May of the year of entry. The majority of universities only have an autumn entry, starting in September.


The students studying in different universities in china not only enjoy the modern day facilities but also are provided with scholarships. The scholarships are offered to the hardworking and brilliant foreign students. There are many types of scholarships offered to the overseas students depending upon the major, university and program they choose. The scholarships are classified into many categories, some of which are awarded once in year which is around 5000RMB. However, there are some scholarships awarded to the overseas students in the form of monthly allowance. There are a number of different best universities in China for the international students, Choose one according to your desires and make your dream come true!

Universities in China for international students

Studying in china is now a main stream and it seems like everyone knows about it too. Recently according to a survey there are more than 50,000 students enrolled in many majors of different universities in china. But the question arises, what should I study in china if I get an admission in my dream university over there and which are the perfect universities in China for international students. We know that choosing a major can be difficult, with so many options and your many varied interests.

Before answering to this question you must be very sure about the major you are choosing as the major you choose will neither predict nor guarantee your future. Many graduates find jobs that have nothing to do with what they studied in college. When a student graduates from a high school there are many question that arises into his mind, many like, what shall I study next? What major suits me best? What shall be the next institution for me? And all these things are quite normal for a student worried about his future. One of the hardest step is to choose a university that is not even in your own country and you have travel into a new country, where everything will be pretty much unfamiliar to you from the very first day you land there. Here are some of the reasons that we will discuss in this article and try to convince you to join one of the leading universities in china and make your future even more brighter.

Highly recognized institutions:

In china there are many universities in China for overseas students that are recognized and having a great reputation among all other universities of the world. These top leading universities include peking university, Tsinghua university, Beijing university of technology, huazhong agricultural university, Yangtze university, Tianjin university, harbin university, Beijing university of post and telecommunication, wuhan university of medicine, shanghai university of technology, Hebei north university and many more.


Universities in China for overseas students are offering the foreign students with a standardized education under affordable fee structures. The fee structure for medicine, engineering, computer science, arts, economics and other majors are taught under an affordable fee.

learn Chinese in China

While searching for  a proper learn Chinese in China course you can use one of the following methods:

1.  Find according to the university:


While searching on the search engines or on the websites that are developed for the sole purpose of providing the exact information about the institution’s make sure to search according to the university first. You can filter the universities further according to:

o The world ranking

o Region

o City

While searching for the most appropriate university the most important thing is to find the world ranking as it will eventually effect on the degree you are going to get at the end of your degree.

2. Find according to the major:

There are many universities in china that offers degrees in many different majors under many programs like undergraduate, postgraduate and language courses. Finding the major or filtering the university according to the major will help you find the best university suitable for you.

3.  According to the climate or region:

As we all know that china is a big country having mountains, valleys and desserts. It is better to choose the university according to the climate that suits you the most.

Benefits of learning Chinese in China:


Friends with different cultures:

China has the biggest population in the world with approximately 1.28 billion people. Learning mandarin gives you access to communicate with locals and connect on a deeper level. Now as we see the present day, among the top leading countries china holds a great reputation.


Scholarships for learning Chinese in China:

China helps every overseas student coming to study in the Chinese universities as much as possible. The Chinese government supports the international hardworking students by providing them scholarships. These scholarships help the students financially and buck them up! There are different types of scholarships awarded to the international students I.e. the one awarded to the students by the Chinese government itself and then there is the one the university itself awards to the talented students.


Improve your artistic skills

Chinese symbols and characters require a steady hand. The written words are actually iconographic characters rather than letters. These symbols and characters are created using ‘strokes’ rather like painting.

Improve your brain power

We know we need to keep are brains well-oiled and studies have shown that Mandarin speakers use both sides of their brains! This will certainly keep brains motoring.

Eat great food

Sizzling food markets across China offer some unique dishes not found anywhere else. Chinese cuisine is a joy to behold so the language will acquaint you with the types of food not found in our local Chinese Take Away.


Global honor

As we all know that china is progressing day by day and there are many top universities which are a part of china. Studying in china in some top universities will not only open doors for you in china but also in many other countries. Your degree will be recognized everywhere.

Mandarin Chinese learning

Below are some of the main points that are relevant to  Mandarin Chinese learning and are very important to know for all the overseas students coming to China for Mandarin Chinese learning courses:

1.  Fee

2. Universities

3. Travelling

4. Job opportunities

5. Scholarships.

1.  Fee:

When compared with the western side of the world we find that they charge a lot to provide the same study facilities to the overseas students moreover there are some hidden fee that ultimately pileup and results in the increase of the tuition fee.

While in China there is no such thing, the Chinese government is very strict towards the universities charging additional fees from the overseas students moreover they have kept the fee structure very affordable for everyone as it believes that everyone should be provided with a fair chance for improving its future and present. The fee for every university in china is different especially depending on the following factors:

The university

The major


Averagely speaking, the fee for an overseas student studying acupuncture in china is in between 15000 RMB to 50,000 RMB per year.

2.  Universities:

In china there are a number of universities that are highly recognized and appreciated by other countries and the international education system. These Chinese universities compete with other top universities around the world and make their mark. Here is a list of some of the universities in china that are well-appreciated all over the world:

Tsing Hua University

Peking University

Fudan University

University of Science and Technology of China

Zhejiang University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Nanjing University

Wuhan University

Sun Yat-sen University

Harbin Institute of Technology

3. Travelling:

One of the perk of studying in china is that you are offered with enough chances to travel around the world and enjoy the nature.

There are mountains, deserts, waterfalls, beaches and many breathtaking places filled in mainland china.

Recently china is being ranked as the 4th most attracted place for the tourist from all over the place. For you, it is like a win-win situation, studying and travelling at the same time and that won’t even cost you more as the overseas students studying in china are provided with a student card with which they can travel, do shopping and watch movies in the cinemas at student packages that are way much cheaper than the full rates!

4. Job opportunities:

Imagine you being graduated from china having a mandarin Chinese language degree from one of the leading universities in all over the world, you already being aware of all of the culture, traditions, food, cloth and locals of china, your chances of leading a successful life in china are doubled! Moreover if you are looking to move out to some other country or even back to your own country, you are going to score much higher than all other people!