Transition: University Tuition Fees, Documents Submission, Health Check Up

 After our airport pick-up service personnel has safely conveyed you to your respective university, they’ll assist you with the formalities left to be done in the university.  These formalities are

  1.  Submission of documents

  2.   Submission of tuition fee

  3.  Health checkup in China

  4.  Application for residence permit

  5. Submission of Documents

The original copies of the following documents should be submitted to the admission office:

  1. Passport

  2. High School Transcripts or any higher education certificate. (The name of the school should be stated).

  3. Health checkup form.

  4. Four passport size pictures.

  5. Admission letter

  6. JW202 Form

NB: The submission of the original copies is to check the validity of all official application documents.

Submission of tuition fee

There will be a contact person at the college of international education who is assigned to accept your fees. Some schools ask the students to pay the money through their bank account. The tuition fee must be fully paid before the student can have his visa extended and attend class. 

Health check up

Don’t eat, drink and smoke on the morning of the checkup. If you fail the examination, your visa application may be rejected, particularly if you failed the checks for contagious diseases, though eating breakfast or even drinking water the morning before the test can invalidate the results.

The fee for the medical checkup varies depending on the city in which the school is situated and the hospital.

A passport size picture is requested.

The college of international education will assign someone to assist you.

Visa Extension

 Conditions: After Completion of the tuition fee                                                

  1. Make sure to submit your passport, four (4) passport sized pictures

  2. Make sure that your visa has at least ten days before it expires.

  3. Make sure to give your phone number so that you can be contacted when you have to go to the immigration for Visa extension.

  4. After being informed when to go to the immigration make sure to be there on time.

  5. You must take 15 - 40RMB to the immigration for passport pictures at the immigration bureau.

NB: These passport pictures can only be taken at the bureau because they have bar codes that are needed to extend your visa every year.

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