Post-Application-Accommodation Booking, Chinese Visa Application, Airport Pickup

After your application has been accepted, you’ll need time to consider other things. You’ll need a visa to study in China, that’s if you leave outside China. Check out the requirements at the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate in obtaining a student visa. Once your opening date has been scheduled, you’ll need to consider whether to book an accommodation or not. We provide accommodation-booking service that will give you the best accommodation based on your choices. Congratulations for your hard work and perseverance. You’ve come very far. Now you’ll have to consider the things to travel with. Our handy pre-departure guide will assist you.

Accommodation Booking

We ensure that students get a well-rounded experience and try our best to make the process as simple as possible. ACASC has the option for students to reserve their accommodation. This feature requires the student to login to their account and select the “reserve accommodation” feature. This enables students to get ahead of their responsibilities upon arrival in china. Whether it is apartment lodging or reserving a room in the university dormitory, ACASC ensures it is taken care of.

Visa application

ACASC has a team of dedicated professionals that run the student service department. This service runs 24/7 to cater to the needs of students from across the world irrespective of the time difference. Our team guides students through the visa process and advises them as to how to go about their visa application. ACASC thrives to give students the best service and our team ensure that this goal is achieved on a daily basis.


ACASC has a pre-departure guide that prepares students for aspects in traveling, arrival in china and what they can expect at the university. The guide ultimately helps you gain perspective on what the course will be like as well as some of the facilities you can find on the grounds.

Airport pickup

As evident at this stage, we aspire to provide a good service to students. We provide airport pick up for our students. Upon arrival in china, there is an ACASC representative eagerly waiting to receive the student. They ensure the student's safety and accompany them to the respective university ensuring the steps following arrival is attended.

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