Pre-Application: Choosing University Courses, Where To Study, When To Apply

1. Are you planning for studying in China?

2. Are you hesitating to decide how to apply and undertake other related matters?

3. Are you worried about how to realize your plan of studying in China smoothly?


ACASC will clear all your confusion and worries.

Thinking About University


Higher education is the third and final stage of formal learning. When it comes to Higher Education you have a huge range of courses and institutions to choose from. In order for you to maximize the opportunities that are available it is really important to start thinking about what you would like to do and where.

 First of all you need to get some ideas as to what you would like to do at University, then you can start looking into the entry requirements and what subjects you need to be selecting at your School or College.

 ACASC gives international students a lot of options, ranging from choosing your desirable course to studying in either a university or a college. After the decisions have been made, we assist you with every step of your application.

When to begin?


China’s universities recruit international students for two semesters, they are,

Spring Semester - Starts in Feb or Mar ( You need to apply in January to February.)

Fall Semester - Starts in Sep or Oct  ( You need to apply in June to August.)


During application to China’s Universities, two important procedures cost time and cannot be easily controlled. They are,

University Application: Including Submitting Application, Paying Application Fee, Waiting for Admission Decision and Admission Package. This stage costs one to two month or even longer.

Define the Objective: Define Study Objective, including school and program. You can collect information by ACASC Explore University and courses Apply Search tool services.

How to choose your favorite course?


Upon cross-checking the application deadlines and entry requirements, your choices will be simplified for you. Making the right decision of what and where to study is a very crucial life changing decision. A lot of things are invested into this. Time, money and efforts are a few to mention. It becomes very unfortunate when you realize that you’re not satisfied with your decision. ACASC is here to make sure nothing goes wrong. Use our course search tool to search for your desirable course. Our professional advisory team will assist you with every step you take and every decision you make.

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