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We provide international students with the simplest, most efficient, most transparent, fastest and secure application services in universities and colleges in China. We make online university application very fun and interesting. Most universities and colleges have the 2 semester system, spring and autumn respectively. Most often, deadlines are set 2 months due to the resuming date. It’s very important to look up for the entry requirements and application deadline for your desired course(s). Multiple applications can be submitted at the same time. Our Admission professionals will aid you with the selection of your course, and help you gather the right documents for submission. The universities and colleges will guarantee application received due to the deadline. These are the steps for the university application:


University and Course Search


The website is so advanced that it serves a search engine for multiple aspects simultaneously. Searching for a course to study has literally never been easier. ACASC uses the details you input to generate a list of courses best suited for you. The information is further consumed and a list of the best universities that offer the chosen course is provided. The search is based on ensuring the student ultimately receives the services they’re looking in a comfortable and reliable manner.




The process of applying is made simple with ACASC. Should you wish to make an application to a specific university for a particular course, all you’re required to do is click on “Apply”. This is the first step in making your application. You will be directed to a page, on this page, you will be required to fill in the necessary details and provide the documents vital in processing your application. An application fee will have to be made once your application has been submitted. This fee enables the application to be processed and within a standard amount of time, you will receive a response.


Register to use Apply

Add some personal details, get a username, create a password and set your security questions. Add the buzzword your school, college or centre gave you too, or if you're applying independently there’ll be a few questions.


       Sign in to fill in the rest of your personal details

Add your email address - we'll show you how to verify it with us. Then we'll be able to let you know whenever your application is updated online, ready for you to sign in and check.

Plus you can give a parent, guardian or adviser nominated access if you'd like them to be able to speak to us on your behalf.

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