Pre-Departure Guide: Steps Involve In Obtaining An X Visa, Luggage, Travel Plan

ACASC has a pre-departure guide that prepares students for aspects in traveling, arrival in china and what they can expect at the university. The guide ultimately helps you gain perspective on what the course will be like as well as some of the facilities you can find on the grounds.

Prepare Your Luggage

There are some basic items that you’ll need when traveling to China. Kindly be sure that you’ve secured all these things before you board your flight.

NB: Don’t forget to bring along the documents that you used for your visa application.

Making a Travel Plan

Before boarding a flight from your destination to China, there are some decisions and plans that you have to put in place so that your traveling to China becomes a success and great. Getting the X Visa (Student Visa) is the basic thing to do to gain entry into China. But have you asked yourself “ What next? “.

What next when I get to China?

What should I expect in China?

What’s it like to leave in China?

These questions are important questions to ask yourself before you board your flight to China. This will help you to know what to expect when you arrive in China. 

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