Shanghai University of Political Science and Law

School of  International Communication and Exchange (International Students Office) is an important  window  for international  cooperation and exchanges in SHUPL which is mainly responsible  for the international student enrollment, management and life services, and  undertake the teaching and research of Chinese.  SICE notonly has the  general function of college teaching and  scientific research, but also the organ department of  management functions.

In 2013, our school  began to recruit international students. In three  years, the college has always been adhering to the internationalization of  educational minds and philosophy.  As the same time, taking “China - Shanghai  Cooperation Organization International Judicial Exchangesand  Cooperation Training Base”  construction as an  opportunity,  the college has continuously  improved  the level of  student training and actively  promoted  the development of  student education.  In 2014, SHUPL became the Chinese  government scholarship students  training  institutions.  In 2015,  SHUPL won “Shanghai  international students work advanced unit". At present, the number of students  studying in SHUPL has increased from  17 in 2013 to 130 and the origin  country has been  expanded from 8 countries to 25 countries.

During the 13th  Five-Year Plan, the college will expand the  scale of international students  further, constantly  optimize the student structure,  strengthen and standardize management, gradually build up the students education  and training system with distinctive  characteristics,  outstanding  advantages, competitiveness and sustainable development , and ensure the quality  of training.  Be  strive to the end  of 2020, the school can become an important  goal of university where international students  will study in  Shanghai.  Serving for China's great  diplomatic strategic, the college will cultivate Chinese friends who know China well, develop  the friendship,  cooperation and exchanges between the peoples of the world,  contribute  to enhance the  school's international atmosphere and implement the school's  international strategy.

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