Shanghai University of Political Science and Law Admissions

Degree Programs

I.Undergraduate Programs (4 years)

1.    Civil and Commercial Law

2.    Economic Law

3.    Environmental Law

4.    Financial Law

5.    International Economic Law

6.    Criminal Justice

7.    International Politics

8.    Politics and Administration

9.    Sociology

10.   Social Work

11.   Application Psychology

12.   International Economy and Trade

13.   Economics

14.   Business Administration

15.   Economics and Finance 

16.   Journalism

17.   Radio and Television

18.   Chinese Language and Literature


II.  Postgraduate Programs (3years)

1.   Law Theory

2.   Constitutional Law and Administrative Law

3.   Criminal Law

4.   Civil and Commercial Law

5.   Procedural Law

6.   Economic Law

7.   Environmental and Resources Protection Law

8.   International Law


III.Chinese Language Programs

We offer three-level Chinese language programs


IV. PhD Programs (With joint education of SHUPL and Zhejiang University)

1. Non-Traditional Security Management

2. Chinese Law

3. International Law

4. Law of Economy


Applicant Eligibility Requirements


1. UNDERGRADUATE APPLICANTS: Aged between 18 to 30 years with a High School Certificate or above and good GPA.


2. MASTERS APPLICANTS: Aged under 45 years and with a Bachelor’s degree or above.


3. PREPARATORY CHINESE LANGUAGE STUDENTS: Aged between 18 to 28 years with a High School Certificate or above and good GPA.

4.SENIOR VISITING STUDENTS: Aged above 18years with a bachelor’s degree.

5. A PhD student: Under 40 years of age, master degree or above (being approved by Ministry of Education in PRC)

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