Shanghai University of Political Science and Law Scholarship


Shanghai Government Scholarship

1. The types of scholarship and application

Shanghai government scholarship for International students has two types: Type A  and Type B.


2. Scholarship standards

1) Type A Scholarship (full scholarship): covering fees of tuition, Expenses of accommodation, Monthly living allowance, Comprehensive medical treatment   insurance premium.

2)Type B Scholarship (partial scholarship):Free of fees of tuition, Comprehensive medical treatment insurance premium.


3. Language requirements

The applicant's language level ought to be HSK4 or above (HSK Certificate is needed)


4. Degree and age requirements

1) Undergraduate applicants: Aged under 25 years, with a High School Certificate or above.

2) Master applicants: Aged under 35 years, with a Bachelor’s degree or above.

3) Preparatory Chinese language applicants: Aged under 23 years, with a High School Certificate or above.

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