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Safety Commitment on Campus Internet Use

      To better utilize the Internet and bring convenience to daily school life, I promise to discreetly conform to the following regulations when using the Internet:

      1.I shall abide by Chinese laws and regulations, observe the school rules and comply with social ethics and Chinese customs.

      2.I shall not endanger the state security of China, divulge state secrets of China,undermine legitimate interests of China,Chinese society and the third party or engage in any form of online illegal activities.

      3.I shall assist relevant departments in investigating criminal activities in International Computer and Information Network when necessary.

      4.I shall not make, copy, search and browse or spread any messages prohibited by law.

      5.I am willing to bear the legal liability as well as accept financial or other relevant punishments if in breach of the Chinese law or regulations hereinabove.

      6.This Commitment is made in duplicate.The guarantor and School of International Communication and Exchange(SICE) will respectively hold one copy of the Commitment .

      7.This Commitment shall come into force upon signature by guarantor.


Signature of Guarantor:


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