African youth studying in China-kicking out friendship via soccer playing

African youth studying in China-kicking out friendship via soccer playing

“Kicking the ball makes me know more friends.” Bakai from Senegal, Africa, told reporters about the feeling of studying in China when interviewed.

Three months ago, Bakai came to China, this is his first visit to China. He enrolled at the Overseas College of Minnan Normal University in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, and began his study abroad in China.

For him, everything here is new. "These new things need to me to adapt to." said Bakai and he is still trying to adapt to them till present, such as three meals a day, "Impressive dishes such as fried rice, dumplings and noodles, I like them now."

"Actually, I don't know much about China, but I really want to know about China." Because of interest, Ba Kai went to the College of Literature of Minnan Normal University to experience Guqin, which made him feel wonderful.

He has some friends who go to the European countries such as UK to study, but he wants something different and comes to China. "I want to learn Chinese, I like Chinese." He is full of confidence. "The teacher is very friendly to me, and helps me in many aspects, so I am very confident that I can learn Chinese well."

Bakai likes football very much. He played football from an early age. "The atmosphere of playing football in my hometown is very strong." Just because of football, Bakai, who is in a foreign country, has made new friends.

When interviewing Ba Kai, the reporter saw two of his friends - Segu and Oscar, who are also from Africa and love football.

"You can see mine and his clothes, we don’t belong to the same team." Segu, who is wearing a red jersey, pointing to the orange jersey on Ba Kai. Segu’s jersey has the team logo of “Dragon Team”.

Segu is from Gambia and has been in China for two years. For a person as him with an experience of playing soccer from a very young age, the excitement was overwhelming when it is mentioned. In the past two years, Segu has been to Shenzhen, Guangdong, and Jinjiang and Quanzhou in Fujian, and has played games with three teams and also made many friends. He said that football is his "addiction". "If I leave football, I will have a headache."

 Segu, who has been studying Chinese for two years, still lacks confidence. He is afraid of incorrect pronunciation, and sometimes does not dare to speak Chinese. "When you are with Chinese friends, you will communicate in Chinese; however, they often want me to speak English to ‘help practice oral English’.” In this regard, Segu feels that it is a kind of mutual help.

Talking about the reason he came to China, Segu said that he was introduced by a Chinese friend of his father. "He is a business partner with my father. He taught at Weinan Normal University before doing business, so I was  recommended by him to study Chinese here."

Talking about the two years of study life, Segu said that WeChat is everything to him. "I use it to connect with friends, chat, see moments, and get information."

Segu will also be homesick, but he wants to stay in China more. "I like everything in China." When it comes to the future, he said that after completing his studies, if he returns to his country to help his family do business, he is willing to do business with the Chinese. "But it is best to stay in China forever."

Oscar is from Ghana and has been playing football since the age of 6. Nowadays, he is very good at playing football. He often leads Chinese students who love football to play together.

"Because of playing football, I have a lot of friends from time to time, they will chat with me, communicate and help me learn." Oscar has been in China for four months. When arrived in China in the first palce, Oscar felt unaccustomed to everything. "A country that is totally different is not easy to adapt to."

"For you, maybe Chinese is a simple language, but in my opinion, Chinese is the most difficult language to learn in the world." Although "the most difficult to learn", Oscar is still trying to learn Chinese and speak Chinese.

Unlike Segu, Oscar intends to return to Ghana after graduation. In Oscar's view, African-Chinese cooperation is getting closer and closer. He studies Chinese here and believes that there will be more job opportunities after returning to Ghana.


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