2018 The Activity of Studying in China Safely Successfully Held in Beijing

2018 The Activity of Studying in China Safely Successfully Held in Beijing

At the exhibition site of the Beijing Railway Station of the 2018 (the 23rd) China International Education Tour Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Education Exhibition”) that just ended last weekend, the “Peace Studying” exhibition area left a deep impression on many people. In recent years, as the number of students studying abroad has increased, the structure of students studying abroad has diversified, the phenomenon of young age has become increasingly prominent, and the international situation is complex. Some of the destinations that were considered to be safer in the past have also frequently erupted into terrorist attacks. The topic of studying abroad has become increasingly the focus of social concern.

The “Peking University Studying Lecture Hall” is the regular content of pre-departure training at the Education Fair “Patient Study Abroad”. What are the contents of overseas consular protection? What should I do if I face psychological problems in studying abroad? How to carry out the career planning of the study abroad career? How to protect the safety of foreign students abroad? One by one, you will be asked for a flop whenever you study abroad. Experts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Public Security, the Overseas Study Service of the Ministry of Education, Peking University, and related overseas study services will answer questions for you.

Travel Security ----- If you want to read a 10,000-volume book, you will also need to travel thousands of miles to travel abroad. When you go abroad, you will be able to enjoy your body and mind, as well as grow up. However, what security issues need to be paid attention to in order to ensure our safety and fun? See what the instructor says.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Is the picture of a patient with a cardiopulmonary resuscitation in the film and television dramas exciting and handsome? After the guidance of instructors on the spot, in the future you may also have the chance to be an unsung hero who saves people in distress.

Defensive skills - how to get rid of the bad guys? How do you protect yourself with a sharp knife? Learn some basic defense skills, at least when there is a similar danger, have a greater chance to protect their lives.

Emergency Response - In recent years there have been reports of terrorist attacks or riots in various parts of the world. What should I do if I encounter such emergencies? Get out of your phone and send a circle of friends? Or first learn how to ensure your safety in the chaos.

After the end of the education exhibition at the Beijing Railway Station, this week, “Peace Study with You” will also go to the educational exhibitions in Xi’an, Chengdu, Shanghai and Guangzhou stations to organize public welfare promotion activities, including the organization of self-financed overseas students. The pre-arrival training seminars for the participants and the free distribution of “Peace Study” promotional materials will enable more students and parents to have the opportunity to learn practical safety knowledge and skills for studying abroad.


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