Visa Extension in China

Visa extension in China is a really delicate issue. This is because the bureau that is responsible for the extension of the visa will only do that if the student has fully paind their fees. Your visa is your most important document, and will always be your most important document during your stay in China. For this reason youmust do everything in your power to always ensure that it has been extended.

The visa has an expiry date and when that daye is due your are no longer a legal resident in China and when you are caught you will be imprisoned. You will have to always take note of your visa expiry dates and always make sure that you submit it for extension two weeks before the due date. Before you submit you visa you will also have to ensure that your fees have been paid in full. In your first year when you arrive in China ACASC will take care of all of this for you after you have paid the fees.


However in your subsequent years, you will have to do this on your own without the help of ACASC. The proceedure is still the same, once you pay your fees you will be directed to the people that are responsible for renewing your visa everytime

Once you have paid your fees and yoou have been directed to the vis office, you must take scertyain precautions.

 These precautions include;


  1. Make sure to submit your passport, four (4) passport sized pictures

  2. Make sure that your visa has at least 14 days before it expires.

  3. Make sure to give your phone number so that you can be contacted when you have to go to the immigration for Visa extension.

  4. After being informed when to go to the immigration make sure to be there on time.


NB: These passport pictures can only be taken at the bureau because they have bar codes that are needed to extend your visa every year.

After you go to the immigration office and you have submitted everything, you will be interviewed and then asked to return after some days for your passport.

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