Health Checkup in China

Someone might wonder and say that; well I already have a health check up from my country, and wonder why they will need another halth check up when they get to the university. Well the simple answer is that it is a requirement that the government asks for from all foreign students who seek to have a residential permit in China. In as much as you might have a clean bill of health from your countries medics, the government of China will want to cancel out any chance that any infectious didease was not detected. Not necessarily any infectious disease, but the bureau will just want to confirm that you are healthy enough to stay here in China.

For this reason you will be requires to take a medical check up at a recognized hosp[ital when you arrive in China. You need not worry so much about how to find the right hospital and all because ACASC representatives will literally drop you off at the hospital and ensure that everything that is needen to be done is done.

However before a medical checkup is done on anyone, there must be certain things that you the student will have to prepare for. Most of the time you will have your stool tested and your urine tested as well. You will also be blood tested. For the results to be very accurate and correct, it is often asked that you desist from doing certain things prior to the testing.

Don’t eat, drink or smoke on the morning of the checkup. If you fail the examination, your visa application may be rejected, particularly if you failed the checks for contagious diseases, though eating breakfast or even drinking water in the morning before the test can interfere with the results. We will advice that you take heed to this advice of desisting from drinking and smoing, as well as eating prior to the testing. The test usually take about 15 minutes to complete, after which you could do or eat whatever you want to.

The fee for the medical checkup is around 200RMB. For concrete arrangement please contact your ACASC representatives. The student must go to the hospital for the medical checkup the next day after reporting at the university. If and whether there is a change in when you should take the medical checkup, ACASC will inform you of that so that you plan towards it. It is important to note that this is a requirement for your visa to be extended so you must do it with all diligence.

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