Transition: University Tuition Fees, Documents Submission, Health Check Up

After our airport pick-up service personnel has safely conveyed you to your respective university, they’ll assist you with the formalities left to be done in the university. Now comes the transition process. We call it the transition process because this is the point where you will expecting to change and adapt to another society and environment. This change is especially gradual, and it must not be rushed. You will notice so many things that might be very different from what you are used to. But that should not be a problem at all, because you will get used to all of that.

Most of the time, students arrive in the evening, when school has closed and the offices are also closed, so it is usually impossible to get registered and given a place to stay. That also is not a problem at all, this is because when ACASC team bring you to the university and its late, they will usually offer you a hotel to pass the night. It is expected that students will be very tired and weary after the long hours of travelling, so we even advice the students to have a long nights rest and then start the registration the following day. 

However if you do not use ACASC pickup service and arrive at the university with a friend or on your own, we will ask you to be very vigilant in handling your possessions and also ask the friend you came with to help you hire a hotel for the night. Once its in the morning, the offfices will resume work and then you cann pay your fees and then get a school hostel or rent an apartment.

ACASC will assist you through all these steps once you pay your fees and submit your documents.

The following are the formalities to undertake upon arrival: 

  • Submission of documents.

  • Submission of tuition fee.

  • Health checkup in China.

  • Application for residence permit.

  • Visa extension.


Submission of documents.


When you arrive and you are going to the admission office, you will need to submit some documents that will be requested by the school to enable your successful registration. These documents are a must and you have to submit them. You will have to ensure that you bring them along with you when coming to China.

The original copies of the following documents should be submitted to the admission office:


  1.     Passport.

  2.     Notarized Highest Education Certificate and school mark sheet.

  3.     Health checkup form.

  4.     Four - eight passport size pictures.

  5.     Admission letter.

  6.     JW202 Form.

  7.     No criminal certificate.


NB: The submission of the original copies is to check the validity of all official application documents.


Submission of tuition fee.


To pay your fees please contact the ACASC admission office. ACASC offers several types of payment method. Each applicant is required to use any one of these payment methods. The tuition fee must be fully paid before the student can have his visa extended and attend class. When you arrive at the ACASC admission office you could decide on which payment option will best suit you. If you have USD with you, you could be directed to the bank to change the currency if you insist, or you can just pay the fees in USD. You must make sure you pay the entire fees before your visa extension and registration processes wwill be completed.

Application For a Residential Permit.

A residential permit is a document that is pasted in yyour passport by the local police to show that you are a legal resident of a particular city. You apply for a residents permit within 30 days of your entry into China. Before you will be taken to the locall police to apply for the residential permit, you should have paid the full fees that will be asked of you. If you refuse to pay the fees, your residents permit will not be granted and you will have to face any consequence that comes with that.

Once all your fees are cleared ACASC representatives will assist you through all the processes that you are required to undertake to make you a legal resident in China. If you have any concerns with any of these, or you do not understand anything and need clarity, please be sure to contact ACASC and ask for more details and help. 

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