Post-Application-Accommodation Booking, Chinese Visa Application, Airport Pickup

Post-Application steps are the steps top take after getting accepted into a university in China. 

After your application has been accepted, you’ll need time to consider other things. You’ll need a visa to study in China, that’s if you live outside China. Check out the requirements at the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate in obtaining a student visa. Once your reporting date has been scheduled, you’ll need to consider whether to book an accommodation or not. We provide accommodation-booking service that will give you the best accommodation based on your choices. Congratulations for your hard work and perseverance. You’ve come very far. Now you’ll have to consider the things to travel with. Our handy Post-Application guide will assist you.


Accommodation Booking 


We ensure that students get a well-rounded experience and try our best to make the process as simple as possible. ACASC has the option for students to reserve their accommodation. This feature requires the student to login to their account and select the “reserve accommodation” feature. This enables students to get ahead of their responsibilities upon arrival in china. Whether it is apartment lodging or reserving a room in the university dormitory, ACASC ensures it is taken care of.

Students will have to note that some schools only allow students to stay on campus and prohibits staying off campus, in apartments and other housing facilities. This decision is mainly because due to security reasons. It is easier to monitor students, and ensure their safety when they live on campus and not outside.

Other schools give more responsibility to their students and allow them to live off campus. Whichever the case, China as compared to other countries is a very safe place to study, with low crime rates and very high security surveillance systems. So as a parent, you shouldn’t be so concerned about security when you have to decide whether your ward stays on-campus nor off-campus. The main concern should be monetary, this is because it is more expensive to live outside campus, than to live on it. On campus, the students aren’t even required to pay certain utility bills, whereas the must cater solely for themselves when they reside in apartments outside campus.


Visa Application


ACASC has a team of dedicated professionals that run the student service department. This service runs 24/7 to cater to the needs of students from across the world irrespective of the time difference. Our team guides students through the visa process and advises them as to how to go about their visa application. ACASC thrives to give students the best service and our team ensure that this goal is achieved on a daily basis.


Successful applicant will be mailed the necessary documents to apply for an entry Visa. You must visit your local Chinese Embassy/Consulate in your home country or area. When applying for your visa, please remember to bring along with you: Applicant's original passport valid up to at least eight months with at least one or more visa pages.

 The following documents are usually requested at the embassy when you want to apply for a Chinese X visa:

  1. Applicant's original passport valid up to at least six months with one or more visa page(s).

  2. Certificate of highest Diploma obtained.

  3. Original and photocopy of the Admission Letter issued by the University.

  4. Visa Application Form for Studying in China (also known as the JW202 form)

  5. The original foreigner physical examination form.

  6. Applicant's Police Report and Birth Certificate.

  7. Bank Statement from Sponsor and Copy of ID from Sponsor.

  8. Complete filled embassy visa application form.

  9. Four recent passport photograph.

Visa application’s duration depends on different countries. Students should consult local Chinese Embassy and prepare required documents. This stage costs one to two weeks or even longer. Considering the various factors, ACASC advises you to apply 2 months before the semester starts.

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