Pre-Departure Guide: Steps Involve In Obtaining An X Visa, Luggage, Travel Plan

ACASC has a pre-departure guide that prepares students for when they are about to travel to school in China, arrival in china and what they can expect at the university. The guide ultimately helps you gain perspective on what the course will be like as well as some of the facilities you can find on the grounds.

This guide will also brief you on what to expect in terms of the climate, the food and the hospitality of the cghinese people and the foreigners you will meet at the univerity. We will try our best to make this guide as informative as possible, and touch on some main issues, which includes some of the important things that you will need to bring from home.

This is sometimes a matter of preference because most of the things that you might even carry along to China will most probably be here anyway. However in your first few days or weeks when you are not so familiar with your surroundings, you might have to depend on these things for a while. 

Some people recommend that you carry along some snacks and some very important toiletries that you will use during your first few days and weeks.

Prepare Your Luggage

The most important luggage that you will need to carry along when coming to study in China are your documents and school fees. These are very important when you enter China. This is because, you will have to to extend your visa and apply for a resident permit when you arrive at the university, and without your documents, that will not be possible. It is also very important to make sure t hat you have the money needed to pay for the universities fees. 

Because of security issues and other factors, every student might have their own preferred method of carrying their fees. Some deposit their fees on bank cards and then when they get to the university, they withdraw from atms. With this method you should be sure that your atm card will work in China and that you will not encounter ay problems in the withdrawal of the money.

Other students also carry USD securely with them, then upon arrival in china, they either pay the fees in dollars or change the money at the banks and then pay in RMB. These will all depend on how safe and secure you think you can carry the money. In any case you can contact ACASC and ask for their advice on how to carry the fees when coming to China.

There are some basic items that you’ll need when traveling to China. Kindly be sure that you’ve secured all these things before you board your flight.

Making a Travel Plan

Before boarding a flight from your destination to China, there are some decisions and plans that you have to put in place so that your traveling to China becomes a success and great. Getting the X Visa (Student Visa) is the basic thing to do to gain entry into China. But have you asked yourself “ What next? “.

What next when I get to China?

What should I expect in China?

What’s it like to leave in China?

These questions are important questions to ask yourself before you board your flight to China. This will help you to know what to expect when you arrive in China. 

Well the truth is that China is one of the most hospitable countries in the world that are alway very welcoming to foreigners. Chinese people are very kind and generous people who will gladly offer their help to anyone that asks. China experiences allthe four seasons; summer, spring, autumn and winter. With that in mind you shoulld take note of the city that you will will be studying in and also prepare for that climate. Before coming to china you could just check the weather forecast and compare it, and wear the appropriate clothing

Another very important thing that you will have to note is that, you should always have someone to pick you up at the airport where you will be arriving at. This because the chinese language is very different from english and you might meet a situation where you will not have anyone to translate the directions to wherever your final destination might be. To prevent any inconveniences you can just contact ACASC to schedule an airport pick up, that will convey you and your luggage to the university and also help you get settled.

With all the excitement that comes with travelling abroad and leaving your country for a different country, it all comes down to ensuring your safety and the safety of your documents and your money. We will advice all our students to be very vigilant and very careful during the flight and also during the transit. your valuables must always be a priority and so you must watch them with much diligence.

Once you arrive at the university you shouyld try your best to inform our representatives at ACASC of your arrival so that we would help you with settling in.

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