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Most international students arrive in China exhausted after a long trip. Due to the language barrier, communicating with the local people become very difficult for international students. Without any assistance at your arrival airport, finding directions, transiting to a different city airport, means of transport and locating the international education center of your university becomes a force to reckon with.

ACASC airport pick-up service is here to solve these problems for you. Our team will meet you at the airport and assist you from the airport to your university or college and further assist you with your registration formalities.

At the arrival hall, out team will display a name card with your full name printed on it. We make the transition from your arrival airport to the university safe and more convenient for you.

As evident at this stage, we aspire to provide a good service to students. We provide airport pick up for our students. Upon arrival in china, there is an ACASC representative eagerly waiting to receive the student. They ensure the student's safety and accompany them to the respective university ensuring the steps following arrival is attended.

We try to make your first experience in China as easy and less stressful as we can. With our airport pickup service you should expect the best in terms of conveying you from the airport to the university. Usually we request the full name of the student and a recently traken photograph. We will print this on a paper and hold it up at the arrival of the terminal so that you can identify easily. We have a bus with very experienced drivers that will convey you safely to whichever school that you willbe attending here in China. All you need to do is to request the service and then pay the fee.

When all of that have been settled you will have to be in communication with the team at ACASC to regularly confirm your flight date and flight number, including which airportyou will be arriving in. With that being said, we will always prefer that you informus of your flight at least a week to the flight so that we inform our drivers and meet up with you. We ask that you relay this information very early to us because, we provide airport pickup services to a lot of students, and to prevent any inconveniences or any clashes, we will rather we knew earlier the flight schedules of all our students.

The fee for the airport pickup service is usually 800 RMB, but that fee could vary with respect to your destination. Usually our drivers take you to your universities by car, but incase your university is far away from your arrival airport, we will have to make train arrangements for students and that will also increase the fee. 

We will also advice you to take that into consideration when coming and have that fee witrh you. You could send the money to ACASC via bank transfer prior to  your arrival. But please make sure to ask the pickup fee to your university when you contact ACASC.

The following documents should be sent to us by mail at least 3 days before your flights arrival at the Beijing international airport:

  1.     A very recent picture of yourself.

  2.     A scanned copy of the information page of your passport.

  3.     A scanned copy of your flight itinerary.

NB: If there is a change in flight schedule, please inform us about the change.

Contact us for airport pick up.

Available Cities:

ACASC provides airport pick-up services at these cities in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao and Harbin. Pick-up service fee varies based on your arrival airport. It ranges from $100-$300.

You can book the airport pickup service by yourself on the ACASC website. This service is accessible to everyone and it is also very easy to book on our website. Our website has been made very user friendly to make new users very comfortable using it. We have listed the steps to take when making this booking, should you have a problem please ask the ACASC help team to assist you through that as well.

Steps to take in booking this service:

  1. Sign in into your ACASC account. Click on Airport pick-up service. A new page will open.

  2. Fill in the online application form and submit the required documents.

  3. Pay the service fee.

  4. Confirm your application.

NB: Let us know if there are any delays or change in dates etc.

Our team will meet you at the airport based on the information that you provide. We will report 1 hour before the arrival time and wait for 2 hours after the arrival time. Please try and look out for any of our team members at the airport when you arrive. And should there be any delay with your arrival, do not panic. Try and relax because we will wait for you and convey you to the airport. We hope that you help make finding you easier, and also that everything works out well for all of us.

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