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At ACASC we try to ensure that we get all our students admitted into their first choice universities. We try our best to make sure that allour students get accepted into the topmost universities. To ensure that all of this works our, we will need to be sure that your application letters and documents meet your schools requirements. Also because of our experience in dealing with so many universities and students, we know what universities want from students, and we know all the tips and ways to get admitted to your first choice university easily. We are also very honest with students and we tell them the type of universities that they will be qualified fir based on their results and other documents.

What factors should be taken into consideration for being accepted? And how to avoid being rejected?

Self-qualification & School Selection: Considering your academic performance, language proficiency and economic strength, you are advised to choose the suitable school. One of the most important things to consider is your results. If not alll universities, so many universities accept students based on their results. Results are very key because it shows your academic level as well as you competence to study a particular program. Every school will want to admit the best students into their departments and hence will focus on your academic results. For this reason we advice our students to provide their best results when applying to get into the university. We also advice student against altering their results. This is because usually universities confirm with previous schools to confirm the accuracy of your results. When they find out that your results have been alterated they could blacklist you from being accepted into any university in China . We advice that you provide us with your results if they are not so good, we will find schools that match your results or we can talk with universities, especially our partner universities to ensure easy admission. For any questions, you can consult ACASC Advisor.


Application Time: At ACASC we always advice our students to apply very early. This is because when you apply early we have more time to go through your application and also more time for the universities to process your documents. Universities actually offer admission to students who apply early than to students who apply later. Also we advice students to apply early so that in case where you are rejected by a university, we will have more time to apply to another university. It’s better to apply 1 to 2 months earlier than the class starting date. China’s universities admit students based on “First Come, First Served”. Since the number of recruitment is limited, there is great chance for you to get admitted if you apply early. Also, during the application processing there could be some careless omissions by the university that might hinder your application, but when you apply earlly we can go through all of this to ensure that everything has been done perfectly. 

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