ACASC On-Line Application, Track Application Status

Once the application has been processed and proves successful, the student's admission letter, as well as the Visa Application for Study in China (JW202 form) will be posted to their residential address in the respective countries. These documents are necessary when applying for a student visa at the Chinese embassy. ACASC ensures that students receive their documents at the soonest at the postage is error-free.

When applying for a Chinese Visa in your home country, it is a requirement that you provide the official main copies of your JW202 form. This form is that which the university will provide to students once admission is secured。 Since ACASC is in charge of your applications, ACASC will have to send all these documents to your home country. Usually ACASC charges a fee of 540RMB to send the documents to you.

UPS or DHL Post service: Send your complete address, postal code and phone number to us via email. We will send the original JW202 form and admission letter to you through UPS or DHL. The tracking code will be sent to you after the documents has been posted.

Usually it takes less than a week for the documents to be delivered to the home country of the students. During this perios we advice our students to have their phones on all tthe time to make communication easier. It will also make things faster and make the visa application process easier. Please ensure that the addresses that you give us are valid because once the documents have been sent, we might have no control if there happens to be any change of address on your part.

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