Your Safety In China: Access To Secure Online Application; Quality Higher Education

Your safety in China

English language education has been accorded much importance in the People’s Republic of China in the last quarter century. Regardless of the challenges and setbacks resisting you from studying abroad, ACASC will make your dreams come true. Studying in china will enlighten you to different cultures and knowledge.

Therefore with preeminent universities recommended by ACASC higher education in China: access to secure online application; access to quality higher education; the acquisition of labor market qualifications by low-income students; and campus life security is our hallmark.

Access to secure online Application 

ACASC is China’s largest online admission portal where international students acquire relevant information about universities and colleges in China. With its expertise IT specialists and reliable modern technology all online applications are secured.

ACASC has been the largest and best online admission portal and secured by; assisting international students to travel and study in China and also assisting international students around the globe in acquiring admissions to over 400 universities and colleges in China. However, our commitment extends far beyond that. Due to our excellence honors, ACASC has an official international students recruitment account for enrollment information, publishing and update of courses by our universities.

For reliability and accuracy, all documents or enrollment information via ACASC account are secured and confidential. Due to many unreliable scamming sites, we have a good security system. Our reputation has been remarkably observed by the recommended universities and our Privacy policy elaborate more details.

Access to Quality Higher Education

The development of private higher education in China is an important area of policy concern and for academic research, especially under the conditions of globalization.
Since ACASC is the largest online admission portal and the bridge to advanced education in china, we selectively only allow qualify universities for recommendation and enrollment recruitment information publishing.

ACASC recommended universities are authorized by Ministry of Education China with accreditation. And unaccredited and low-class schools are disallowed entry to our platform.

The Acquisition of Labor Market Qualifications by Low-Income Students

With the high standard of ACASC largest online admissions and reputations, It warns against social stratification, aggravated by regional diversity, and suggests that the Chinese government and other stakeholders work together to use globalization to build a more socially equitable private higher education system in China.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and inter-governmental organizations (IGOs) in particular should play a more important role in developing Chinese private higher education. Further research should pay attention to the experience of students from specific low-income groups and to the relationship between NGOs, IGOs and the Chinese State. Their interaction will determine the degree of social stratification and influence other issues, such as the development of the graduate labor market. The opportunity for comparative studies, drawing upon experience elsewhere, should also be considered.


Serene Environment and Secured Campus Life

Most people traveling abroad for the first time have high hopes and expectations. Whiles others feel sad leaving their family behind. With our comfortable help team, ACASC will make you feel at home.

With no stress and being stranded upon arrival, ACASC offers airport pick-up service and will take you all the way to your university. Accommodation or room reservations will be provided before arrival. You will be assisted to certain places of importance and ensuring your safety by;

  1. Calling to inform your family of your arrival

  2. Orienting you to the local area and public transport system.

  3. Getting you a personal bank account

  4. Getting registered in the international office of your university

  5. Legal registration in local public security bureau for residence permit

  6. Get all the ID cards including canteen card, library card, and university card etc.

Campus Life

All ACASC recommended university campuses are enclosed with campus securities. Services such as the library, grocery store, gym, laundry, bank, supermarket, clinic and all kinds of restaurants etc. are found on or around the campus. Due to advanced higher education in china English is no more a language barrier on our school campuses. Also, there is a great interpersonal relationship between Chinese students and international students.
The conducive environment makes studies enjoyable and the teachers and class coordinators for international students makes sure everyone is happy in class.

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