Cost of living in China; Expenses for Studying in China

Cost of living in China

Expenses for Studying in China

Compared with commonwealth countries’tuition, tuition of China’s higher education is relatively inexpensive. Nevertheless, the Chinese citizen’Per capita income is much lower than western countries’, so there are still some students from rural and less developed countries facing funding problems. The Chinese government has taken some measures to ensure the smooth enrollment of this group, like partial and full scholarship aids, affordable fees and living cost in smaller cities etc. It seldom has the news that some college students discontinue studies because of the lacking of tuition or living cost. Considering institution funding, it varies dramatically among different universities.

1.Application Expenses

The application fee varies from university to university. The range is between $20 to $150For more information, contact us.

2.Pre-departure Expenses

Medical examination fee: Medical examination is required from all international students willing to study in china for more than 6 months. The medical examination record will be attached to other educational documents when applying a Chinese student visa. In China, the cost of medical examination depends on the hospitals. Click and download the Physical Examination Record form.

Visa fee: Different countries has different visa fee. Consult the Chinese embassy in your country for the amount.

Air ticket: Depending on the preferred airline will determine the price for the air ticket. Consult the local ticket agents or flight offices for details.


3.University Expenses

Before a student can be registered in any institution in china, expenses like tuition fee, accommodation fee, insurance fee and medical examination fee (if you are required) must be covered. The chart below shows the tuitions of Chinese universities’.

The General Tuition Fees (each field per year)





Medical   field



2200-5000   USD/year

2500-6000   USD /year

3000-7000   USD/year


About   1500 USD / year

About   3000-4000 USD / year

About   2000-4500 USD / year

About   3000-6000 USD / year

Engineering   field


About   1500 USD / year

2200-3500   USD / year

About   3000-4500 USD / year

4000-6000   USD/ year


About   1500 USD / year

About   2000-3000 USD / year

About   2500-4000 USD / year

About   2500 -5000USD / year

Business   &Management



About   1500 USD / year

About   2000-5000 USD / year

About   3000-5000 USD / year

About   4000-6000 USD / year


About   1500 USD / year

About   1500-4000 USD / year

About   2000-4500 USD / year

About   2500-5000 USD / year

List of courses of study in the various faculties

Medical field: MBBS, BDS, Pharmacy, Nursing, Animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chinese and Western Clinical Medicine etc.

Engineering field: Aeronautics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Manufacturing, Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Petrochemical Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Oil and Gas Engineering, Civil Engineering, Software Engineering etc.

Business &Management field:Business Administration, Business Accounting, Agricultural Economics & Management, Communication Studies, Finance, Information Management & Information SystemMasters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) etc.

4.Living Expenses

Accommodation fee: 200-300 USD a person/ per month (depending on universities and types of rooms).

Insurance fee:about 100 USD a year (Some universities require international students to buy themselves a specific insurance for safety consideration).

Medical examination in China:400CNY -800CNY depending on different cities.
Residence permit: 400CNY-1000CNY depending on how long the student will stay in China. How to get a resident permit?

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