Huazhong University Of Science and Technology Visa Application

Processing of Visa and Student Residence Permit

1. International students shall strictly abide by the relevant Chinese laws and regulations upon their entry and exit of China.

2. International students who study in the university must hold study visa or stay/student resident permit.

  Students who hold stay permit should enter and exit the country according to number of entries prescribed in the stay/ residence permit. Those who hold residence permit can enter and exit the country freely.

3. International students who have their ordinary visa, stay/residence permit damaged、lost、stolen, or need to change or reissue their ordinary visa for reasons up to the national regulations, shall report to the international student office and submit application to the police station in compliance with the relative rules.

4. International students staying in China should not participate in any activities which are not compatible with their study, and should leave the country before the expiry time prescribed by the stay/residence permit.

5. International students should carry the passport or stay/ residence permit with them and cooperate with the inspection from the police station when staying in China.

6. The stay/residence permit of the new students shall be carried out in accordance with the enrolment procedure for new students.

  Students who are already on campus must apply for visa/stay/residence permit with the letter issued by the international student office in Wuhan Exit-Entry Administration Bureau.

7. Students matching the following conditions may apply for visa/ stay permit/ residence certificate or extension of the corresponding valid certificates.

  1) Students who pay the full tuition and are in normal registration status.

  2) No record of violations against laws or university regulations

  3) The accommodation address should be in Wuhan city, and have completed the accommodation registration in the local police station.

  4) The valid date of the passport is no less than 180 days.

8. Students should submit application of visas/ stay permits/ residence certificates or extension of valid certificates in the international student office within 30 days before the expiration date and provide documents as follows:

  1) Passport and photocopy of the passport;

  2) Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Foreigners issued by the local police station;

  3) Copy of the lease contract; (only for students living outside the on-campus apartment)

9. The international student office should check the tuition payment condition and registration status and school performance to issue proof letters according to the requirements.

  1) Those who overstay in China with expired certificates or engage in other illegal activities will be published by the police station , be disciplined by the university rules and will be recorded if stay in China .

  2) Students who are recorded will be shorten the extension of the next residence permits or reported to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to cancel its stay/residence status.

10. Students who apply for visa/residence permits/residence certificates shall provide the copies to the international student office within 7 days after receive visas or certificates.

  Those who do not provide the copies due to personal reasons shorten their next stay/residence time once found and be recorded.

11. Students must report any change in passport, address, department or stay/residence reason in China to the international student office within 7 days and must submit renewal application to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau.

  Those who do not fulfill inform or do not reports timely will be given administrative penalty by the police station, or punishment by the university.

12. Students in suspended period must be reported by the university to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to change its stay/residence permits.

13. Students who graduate, complete a course or studies should finish deregistration procedure, and leave the country before the expiry of the valid visa.

14. Students with families should report the family information (including the certificate of kinship, family members and relatives’ passport information, entry date and port) to the international student office within 24 hours since the family arrived in Wuhan. Those who do not report the information of family members will not be provided visa/certificate issued by international student office.

15. Student staying with their families need to apply for visas/residence permits or extend the valid certificates shall submit an application to the provisions of clause 8.

  Students must report their family member's (if applicable) visa/residence permits/residence certificates to the international student office within 7 days after receiving the visas or certificates.

16. Students must strictly manage and be responsible for the stay/ residence behavior of their family in China, guide them to strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations, family members must not be engaged in any violations.

  The university will no longer provide letters for stay/residence in China if engaged in illegal activities.

17. The Entry and Exit Administration Bureau in Wuhan is in charge of the application for stay/ residence permit as well as visa extension. The address of the bureau is Shi Min Zhi Jia in 777 Jin Qiao Avenue in Wuhan.

  Students who are to extend the visa could also go to East Lake New-tech Development Zone Branch of Wuhan Police Station. Its address is The Hall in the 1st floor of the No.1 Building of Optical Valley Public Service Center, 777 Gaoxin Avenue (The crossing between Gaoxin Avenue and Guanggu 4th Road).

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