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Int'l instructors Introduce Wuhan to the World

In April this year, Wuhan Planning Exhibition Hall launched a "foreign instructor " recruitment activities for students in Wuhan. More than 150 applications from 53 countries received. After layers of screening and multiple rounds of training assessment, 21 students became the first official "foreign volunteer instructor" on June 23, 2017. One of them is a Pakistani international student of Cardiothoracic surgery at Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

"Fazal Shafiq, a Cardiothoracic Surgery Masters Student at Tong ji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, took active part in all the activities and selected as the first official foreign volunteer instructor”.

Liu Qizhi, deputy director of the Bureau of land resources and planning of Wuhan says, The city belongs to everyone, the city planning is also done together by comprehensive and clear understandingthe city center at middle reaches Yangtze River, andhow to make Wuhan aworld to connect with the world more closely. The foreign instructors will bring the global vision,which will provide help for us to improve the city planning.Next step,we need more foreign friends to contribute further and make Wuhan a world class city.

Yesterday, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration also awarded the Wuhan Planning Exhibition Hall for providing "foreign studentsextracurricular internship demonstration base". Wuhan Planning Exhibition Hall and the Wuhan International Education Institute, Huazhong Normal University International Cultural Exchange College, Huazhong Normal University International Cultural Exchange College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology International Education Institute signed the "International Student Practice Base Cooperation Agreement."

Wuhan Radio and Television Channel hosted and arranged the award ceremony, invited 21 "foreign instructor" and awarded them certificate of the volunteer service. The "foreign instructors" sing the Wuhan folk song, take participation in game and Q & A for understanding Wuhan more in-depth and won burst of Applauds from the audience.

Huang Liang, director of new media and foreign languages of Wuhan channel of radio and TV station says; The combination of new media and foreign languages can better promote Wuhan to the world.

At end of the ceremony, more than 10 "foreign instructors" visited the museum for the first time, "zero distance, barrier free" to explain planning and interpretation services. In the future, they will tell the world about Wuhan, convey the international concept to Wuhan, and build a new international bridge for Wuhan!

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