Chinese Language Learning International University In China-Beijing Language and Culture University,

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) is located in northwest Beijing, the capital of China and the center of political, economic, cultural and international activities. Isolated from foreign influences, BLCU offers an ideal location from which to study Chinese language, history, politics and culture. It is the only international university in China whose main mission is to teach the Chinese language and culture to international students.

BLCU classes will challenge the students to observe their surrounding environment while attending language classes to further their language exploration. Each year, 10,000 international students representing more than 120 countries, and 4,000 native students study at BLCU. It offers 15 undergraduate programs, 14 postgraduate programs and 3 doctoral programs. BLCU will provide a total immersion experience for students who want to explore China, practice and strengthen their language skills, and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture.

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