Comparative Study of Education System in Uganda and China

Comparative Study of Education System in Uganda and China

The ability to impart knowledge, skills and values to the societal individuals with the sake of changing the norms is what we refer as education; therefore it differs in the process of the methodology and outcome to be expected since societies needs varies among countries hence resulting into differentiation in educational practices, we all need sustained communication to ensure management of learning process and this is always aided by the government.

Education system of Uganda prior Europeans arrivals were practiced by all members of the community being responsible in imparting knowledge to their children so that they can achieve better morals and there were no classrooms and apprenticeship programs were highly involved until missionaries arrivals and spread of Christianity with reading ideas arises resulting into establishment of national identity by unifying ethnicities by giving emphasis on civics and history subjects to schools and there were the foundation of education structure like primary education, lower secondary education, upper education and university.

But the difference is in China where by the government enables all children with the age of going school to access education and with special attention from qualified teachers this will increase performance among them within all levels, the structure of Chinese education system is categorized as follow, Early Childhood or kindergarten, primary education, secondary education and post secondary education.

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