3 Steps Guide You To Get A Resident Permit

Applying for your residence permit

How to get the Residence Permit?

A visa is an official and legal permit issued by embassies or consulates in your home country. The residence permit is mandatory for all those staying for longer than three months. You can do this on the same day that you register your address—this permit is issued by the Foreign Resident Authority or the local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau in a representative for the MOP and Chinese Government where you can also register your address.

These 3 steps will guide you in getting a resident permit.

1. Residence permit registration in local public security bureau
2. Physical examination in a local hospital or Submission of physical examination record from your home country
3. How to apply for a resident permit

1.Residence Permit Registration

International Students require a compulsory residence permit if they are going to stay in china for more than three months. The residence permit is issued for a limited period of time. It is granted to persons who arrives in china for the purpose of studies or work. ACASC or the University of Study will assist the student in registering for the residence permit. Defaulters will be penalized to pay a penalty depending on days their visa has expired and might be deported afterward. Fine for refusing to register for the permit ranges from 200RMB to 10000RMB.
NB: ACASC will register you for the residence permit at The local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau within 24hours and will only accept applications for expired visas once the penalties or fine is being paid.

2.Physical examination process in china

International students coming to china to study through ACASC will be assisted to do the physical examination in the local Chinese hospital. However, students can present the original document of physical examination record from their home country. Sometimes they may be accepted by the local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau. If not accepted, students will be requested to do a new physical examination.
NB: The amount for physical examination in Chinese local hospitals depends on the hospital respectively. It ranges from 50 USD to 100 USD. Usually, the process of examination lasts for an hour and results will be ready in 24hours.

3.How to apply for a Residence Permit in the Local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau in China

Some universities or cities only do the residence permit for 10 months each year whiles others do it for more than 10 months. Documents needed for the Residence Permit include original copies of the temporary residence registration paper, the physical examination record, the JW202 form and the admission letter. The actual fee for the residence permit is 400 RMB (10 months or less) and 800 (for more than 10 months). The application process takes 10 working days and a receipt to guarantee your stay will be given to you whiles your passport is being kept for the process by the local public security bureau. The receipt guarantees you to make any travel plans outside your city of residence. Mandatory, your residence permit will be renewed annually by the local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau before it expires. It is the duty for the university to make the student apply for a residence permit 30 days within your arrival in China, and every year once you remain a student and pays your tuition and other fees accordingly. Failure to do so will lead to illegal resident and if caught will be charged to pay a fine and sometimes be deported by the local authority.

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