Guangzhou University Visa Application

Application Procedure

All applicants inquiries goes to International Student Affair Office of Guangzhou University.

1. Download application form from Guangzhou University website. 

2. Submit the following materials to

a) A completed application form;

b) A copy of your passport photo page (should be clear);

c) Final schooling certificate and transcript(scanned copy with official seal).

d) Two recommendation letters from professors if you are applying for master or PhD study. 

After the above-mentioned materials are received, related departments will review all the materials, and decide on whether to admit the applicant or not. Admitted applicants will receive a letter of acceptance and a JW202 form for visa application. It requires at least 8 weeks from the application deadline for notifications of admission to be sent out. Within this period, we will do our best to inform you of any missing materials in the application. If admitted, we will send you the admission notice as soon as possible.

3. Admitted applicants will be sent a letter of acceptance and a JW202 form (for visa application) which is to be submitted to the local Chinese consulate or Embassy to process student visas for studying in China.

4. Admitted applicants need to take the letter of acceptance and the JW 202 form with them when they come to register in the International Student Office of GU. If they are unable to get the visa on time, they are required to contact our Office for further arrangement.

5. Tuition fee and registration fee should be paid soon after you register in GU. The office staff will facilitate the payment process. 

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