Guangzhou University About us


Guangzhou University's main campus is located at the Higer Education Mega Center (HEMC). It offers comprehensive and state-of-the-art facilities which includes a teaching complex, laboratory complex, performance center, gymnasiums, student dormitory complex.

The library boasts a collection of 2.7 million volumes of books, digital resources up to 27,000 GB, and 3,723 journals published at home and abroad. To make Guangzhou University's campus into a digital campus to cover the teaching, administrative and living complexes, it provides 41,381 internet access points. The campus also has 40 labs with equipment valued at 524 million RMB.

Guangzhou University enjoys comprehensive facilities, a beautiful campus and a diversified culture which offers an ideal environment for studing, living and working.

Campus Culture

Guangzhou University strives to build a campus culture which is based upon South China's Culture recognized for offering a variety of activities that are of good taste, different levels and distinctive features. The University has professional art troupes including a ballet troupe and a singing and dancing troupe which have won wide acclaim. In addition, activities and cultural projects organized by our student societies have enjoyed high student participation. In 2014, Ladies from Xiguan performed by the Singing and Dancing Troupe of Guangzhou University won the National Award and Home Comers in the Snow Storm, choreographed by the Ballet Troupe of Guangzhou University, won the 13th National Wenhua Awards.

Students' Cultural Activities on Campus

    The campus culture of the university offers a good academic and cultural setting on campus. To promote quality education, cultural activities on campus are organized to be the perfect combinations of science and humanity, cultural activities and student development.

    Based on the work of Students Art Troupe, GU carries on various cultural activities, including Culture and Art Festivals on Campus, Chinese Classics Reading, Classic Movies Appreciation, and Elegant Art Appreciation. In addition, the university organizes various contests including Debate, Image Design, Career Design, Singing and Dancing, Hosting, etc., and builds a series of school cultural activity brands.

    There are now eighty student associations with more than 12,000 members at GU. These associations cover a range of subjects including humanities, technology, public service, arts, and physical education. Each year, there is a cultural month reserved for activities of the associations in which student associations play an important role in morality, science enlightenment, career guidance, and volunteer service.

    The university is proud of its youth volunteer work. There are more than 12,000 registered volunteers and it has built a long term cooperative relationship with ten districts and sixty towns, streets and units with volunteering service. Each year, nearly 10,000 young volunteers offer their services which are highly praised by the communities.

University Knowledge Forum

    The university Knowledge Forum invents a new way to train innovative students and broaden students' vision through a series of well–planned, high taste and high-level lectures with characteristics of the times, of the college, and of the youth. It helps strengthen study skills and create a good evironment.

    The university Knowledge Forum concentrates on fostering the students' interest on the basis of the requirements of political theories learning, moral education, cultural quality, psychological quality, and modern scientific technology. It is also focused on the introduction of the characteristics, characteristics, trends and law of modern scientific technology, or advanced technology which students may find interesting and beneficial to their study and development.

University Debate Contest

    The university Debate Contest is to cultivate student’s abilities to think, respond, express, analyze and judge during an argument. As an annual contest, the university debate contest is a lively and exciting activity and is very popular among students.

Challenge Cup

    Challenge Cup of national college student extracurricular academic and technological works (nickname ‘great challenge cup’) is a national guiding competition co-hosted by Central Committee of the Communist Young League, Chinese Technology Association, Ministry of Education, and All-China Students Federation. It is held every two years. This type of competition consist of natural science, scientific invention, and social science. The aim of the competition is to guide students to adjust themselves to meet the demands of the education innovation and quality education, acquire the knowledge of entrepreneurship, and arouse entrepreneurship awareness. Therefore, it is regarded as the "Olympics" of Chinese college student's academic technology.

    The university has paid great attention to the Challenge Cup and sent students to enter the competition who have achieved great achievements. A special office has been established by the university in the section of academic and technology to be reponsible for managing, promoting competition on campus and guiding teachers and students to enter the competition.

Chinese Classics Reading

    Co-hosted by Ministry of Education, National Language Work Committee, and Office of Civilization Affairs of Central Committee, Chinese Classics Reading aims to build a common spiritual home for Chinese people, promote national cultural quality, upgrade the level of application of language, and carry forward traditional splendid culture. Since 2007, Chinese Classic Reading has become an effective way to promote the activity on campus, in military camps, communities and encourage more grass-root levels of young students taking part in the classics reading activity to improve their cultural knowledge and quality. In 2010, the university hosted 2010 Chinese Classics Reading Contest which was well received by teachers and students.

Host Image Contest

    The Host Image Contest is held once a year at the university aims to train capable host and increase performance interests of our students. Judging Panels include experts and professors from the School of Journalism and Communication, and TV stations at different levels. As one of the Brand program, host Image Contest gained the title of "Campus Brand Activity of Guangdong Province" in 2007 with strong influence power in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center. Till date, the university has held eight competitions and generated many excellent broadcasters.

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