Shaoxing University Scholarship

The scholarship covers both their tuition fee and their accommodation fee. This scholarship is only elligible to students that are going to be studying for a Masters degree program, hence the main qualification is that you should have already completed your undergraduate study.

You will also be entitled to receive an amount of 5000 RMB from the school every year as part of the scholarship. Usually Masters degree programs take up to 3 years, and hence you will be covered throughout the entire duration.

If you do not have an HSK 3 certificate or higher you will be required to study for 6 months and pass the HSK exam before your main study begins. Note that all of these will be free including the 6 months of HSK study. Instead of the usual 3 years of Masters degree studies, it willl become 3.5 years.

Note that the school will go through all your documents, and as per your performances, will decide whether or not you will be awarded the scholarship when you apply. You will not be allowed to start studying your main program if you do not pass the HSK exam.

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