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CUMT provides scholarships for outstanding international students who intend to study at the University.


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China University of Mining and Technology  (CUMT)

 1. Categories of Scholarship

CUMT provides scholarships for international students who intend to  study at CUMT to cover all or part of tuition fees, housing, health insurance  and living costs.

Class A: 10,000 RMB per year for Chinese Language student, 20,000 RMB  per year for Bachelor student, 22,000 RMB for Master student and 24,000 RMB for  Doctoral student.

Class B: 8,000 RMB per year for Chinese Language student and Bachelor  students, 9,000 RMB for Master student and 10,000 RMB for Doctoral  student.

For Chinese Language student who intend to study for an academic  degree afterwards is allowed to apply CUMT scholarship and the support duration  is one year only . The Language student who gains the scholarship has to sign  the contract with CUMT at the same time. The student has to make compensation,  by convention, if he/she drop out or transfer due to personal excuse. The  scholarship is open to continuous application for bachelor, master and doctoral  students year by year during the normal schooling length.

50% applicants can get the scholarship.

 2. Requirements

    1) Applicant has to meet the criteria of CUMT admission  requirement and be healthy.

    2) Applicant should observe all the laws of China as well as the  rules and regulations of CUMT.

    3) Applicant’s academic transcript of average score is above 75  out of 100.

    4) Two recommendation letters from two professors or experts who  can comment on your character, academic performance, and your seriousness of  purpose.

    5) Sponsored students or students with a full assistantship or  fellowship are not eligible.

 3. Application Documents

   1) Application Form of CUMT Scholarship for International  Students

   2) Study plan in China

   3) Statement of family incomes in Chinese or  English.

   4) Admission application materials:

  • International Student Application Form

  • Physical Examination Record for Foreigner

  • Identification Card or Copy of valid passport  

   5) Apply for Bachelor Degree: high school transcript and  copy of High School diploma; or high school transcript, college academic  transcript, enrollment certificate, two recommendation letters, and other  certificates.

Apply for Master Degree: university transcript, copy of  bachelor degree certificate, two recommendation letters, other academic  certificate and achievements.

Apply for Doctor Degree: bachelor and master academic  transcripts, copy of master degree certificate, two recommendations letters,  other academic award certificate and achievements.

Note: All the academic transcripts mentioned above has to be original  official in Chinese or English. Materials in languages other than Chinese or  English shall be notarized in Chinese or English.

 4. Program Duration and Scholarship  Renewal

   1) The duration of degree studies for Bachelor degree  is 4-5 years  (including one-year Chinese language study), for Master and Doctoral degree is 3  years separately.

   2) All courses are taught in Chinese.

   3) The scholarships are renewable according to annual  comprehensive evaluation of students by CUMT. It is required that there is no  course fail and the academic transcript of average score is above 75 out of 100  or rank top 50% in all international students at CUMT.

 5. Procedures and Deadline

   1) Applicants can download and fill in the application form from  the website of CUMT.

   2) Applicants must apply for the scholarship before June 20th.   

   3) Any incomplete or invalid application will be  rejected.

   4) All the writing in the form should be in print form and be with  your personal signature. Applicants must send all the required documents by post  to the mailing address (or express mail).

   5) The application materials will not be returned regardless of  the result of application.

   6) Scholarship is used to pay tuition and housing fees, student  has to afford the shortage if any. The rest of the scholarship will transfer to  student’s bank account monthly (except February and  August).

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