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President Ge Shirong led a delegation to visit the US cooperative university

At the  invitation of the University of Kentucky, the University of West Virginia and  the Colorado Mining University, President Ge Shirong visited three cooperative  universities from May 22 to 28th.

On the  23rd, the delegation visited the University of Kentucky. The president met with  principal Eli Capilouto, Dean Tim Tracy, Deputy Dean Susan Roberts G.T.  Lineberry and other school leaders. In 15 years, the review summarizes the  establish intercollegiate relations between the two schools in such aspects as  students, teachers, combination achieved fruitful results, agreed that the two  schools will be held in a successful engineering bachelor level “2+2” training  project, on the basis of exploring the interdisciplinary, cross talent training  and scientific research in the field of new pattern. The delegation focused on  the school and business school and spoken with the dean and professors. The two  sides are agreed to jointly hold two inter-university exchange programs in  intelligent mining and mining economics

On 24-25,  the delegation visited the University of West Virgina. the principal and Joyce  McConnel respectively signed the intercollegiate cooperation agreement on behalf  of the schools. The delegation attended the University of Mining-West Virginia  Exchange seminar and discussed the topics of mutual interest in the fields of  talent training and cooperation. The two sides in the field of occupational  health and space Mining has reached a consensus and agreed on cooperation and  exchange projects in civil engineering and Energy Economics major  projects.

During  his visit, President Ge Shirong also met with Professor Conference Badie,  director of the Organizing Committee of the International Pittsburg Coal  Conference (Pittsburgh Coal Morsi) and communicated with him on the issues  related to the 35th Annual International Pittsburg Coal Conference in  2018.

On June  26, the delegation visited the Colorado Mining University. The President Ge  Shirong and Paul Johnson respectively have renewed the intercollegiate  corporation agreement on behalf of their schools. The delegation examined the  Institute of Geodynamics and the Petroleum Engineering Laboratory and spoke to  the director of Mining and Metallurgical Materials Department of the school. The  two sides agreed to collaborate on the exchange of materials  projects.

University  of Kentucky, West Virginia University, and Colorado Mining  University are the key  partners of our University. This visit  move forward the  relationship with the three universities, access  to the achievements of our school will further boost the construction of "Double  First-rate".

The delegation visited the  University of Kentucky Laboratory

Delegation  talks with Professor Dean of the University of West Virginia

President Ge  Shirong signed a school agreement with the University of mining and technology  in Colorado on behalf of the school.

Liu Yang, a master of school of Materials and Engineering, published a paper in Nature's

Recently,  the school of  Materials and Engineering, Combustion  Engineering Group Master Liu Yang under the guidance of Professor Feng Peizhong,  Nature's Scientific Reports, published the title Novel Fabrication and Enhanced  Photocatalytic MB Degradation of Hierarchical Porous Monoliths of  MoO3 Nanoplates by China University of Mining and Technology as the first signed  unit and communication unit. Scientific Reports is a comprehensive academic  journal with significant influence from the Nature Group, which ranks 7/63 in  the Q1  of JCR.

Catalytic  materials have been one of the hotspots in domestic and foreign research. Under  the strong demand of energy and environmental problems, the study of photo  catalysis in the world has been found from the initial experimental phenomena,  and gradually guided by the photo catalytic material to the efficient photo  catalytic materials system design. The vacuum freeze-drying technology at low  temperature, low pressure conditions will be directly by sublimated bywater  vapor, thus giving the product a lot of special performance. Liu Yang students  and others working on ammonium molybidate as raw material and used freeze-drying  process to prepare porous MoO3. In contrast to the traditional catalyst, the  porous structure enables it attaining a high adsorption rate and specific  surface area, while the high specific surface area means more catalytic reaction  sites. Experiments show that the catalytic efficiency of MoO3 to methylene blue  is close to 100% in 60 minutes under visible light radiation. The study was  funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the International  Exchange and Cooperation Project.

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