Ocean University of China Scholarship


1. Chinese Government Scholarship – University Postgraduate Study Program

Chinese Government Scholarship scheme is established to provide full scholarships to international students. The Scholarship durations are 2-3 years for master courses and 3-4 years for doctoral degree courses. For specific subjects and more details, please log on to our website: http://iec.ouc.edu.cn 

2. Confucius Institute Scholarship – Chinese Language Program

“Confucius Institute Scholarship” was established by the Confucius Institute Headquarters, with the goal of encouraging students and teachers worldwide, who are studying and/or teaching Chinese as a second language, to study Chinese language and culture inChina. For the institutions to which applicants should submit their application materials, and to see the specific application procedures.

3. Chinese Language Program Scholarship for OUC Students

In order to encourage international students’ enthusiasm for study, the university (OUC) has also established scholarships. After each semester ends, those who attend classes regularly and perform excellently in their exams will be awarded a certain level of scholarship (as part of the tuition fee) for the next semester.

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