Ocean University Of China Scholarship, Chinese Universities For International Students

First established in 1924, the Private Qingdao University (now known as Ocean University of China) was the first modern institution of higher learning established by Chinese people in Shandong Province. The university adheres to the idea of imparting profound knowledge and cultivating talented professionals to meet the needs of the country. A total number of 40 students of engineering and business majors were enrolled as the first group of students since its establishment.

In 1930, the National Qingdao University was established on the original site of the Private Qingdao University, and Mr. Yang Zhensheng served as its first president. Following the principle of upholding academic freedom and inclusiveness, he advocated that students should have a balanced knowledge in both liberal arts and science, and adopted strict disciplines in his administration. At his suggestion, marine-related disciplines such as coastal biology, oceanography,and meteorology were set up,and well-known scholars and academic professionals were invited to teach at National Qingdao University.

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