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OUC-PKNU strategic partnership established

President Yu Zhigang (Right) and President KIM Young-seup

sign MOU on strategic partnership

OUC President Yu Zhigang met with President KIM Young-seup of South Korean Pukyong National University in OUC Laoshan Campus on January 12, 2017, signing the MOU of strategic partnership after fruitful talks on bilateral cooperation and rotating affairs of the International Alliance of Marine-Related Institutions (IAMRI).

President Yu Zhigang said that OUC and PKNU have a long history of cooperation and match each other in scales and disciplinary setups especially the achievement in marine and fisheries sciences, both ranking high in two countries respectively. The prospect of cooperation is also bright in humanistic and social sciences. The geographical vicinity facilitates the cooperative research and faculty-students communication. President Yu congratulated President KIM on his new position as the Rotating Chairman of IAMRI and expressed his gratitude to PKNU for its generous support to IAMRI in the past years. He expected OUC and PKNU to have more cooperation thanks to IAMRI. President Yu also said that both schools can develop hand in hand by learning from each other and complementing each other when FAO World Fisheries University will be established in PKNU and OUC’s 4th Campus will be set up in the West Coast of Qingdao.


President KIM Young-seup said that mutual exchanges have been effective for many years in many fields due to similar disciplines of the two schools and favorable vicinity of China and South Korea. He believed that OUC-PKNU cooperation will be expanded into more areas following the establishment of the strategic partnership. Thankful to OUC for handing over IAMRI to PKNU, President KIM said that PKNU is ready to take it over as its professional staff are already in place. He hoped to do better in running IAMRI together with OUC and supported by OUC.


During the meeting, President Yu Zhigang and President KIM Young-seup listened to the comments and reports on how to deepen the mutual cooperation, made by leaders of the fisheries and marine life colleges of OUC and PKNU before listening to IAMRI Secretariat on its handing over affairs and the annual report.

Present at the meeting were OUC Vice President Li Huajun, college leaders of fisheries, marine life, food science and engineering, and Director of the International Office.

OUC and UH sign MOU

President Yu presents souvenir to President Mesch

The delegation from the University of Haifa, Israel, visited OUC on March 23, 2017, composed of Prof. Gustavo Mesch, UH President in charge of teaching affairs, Prof. Dan Tchernov, Dean of Marine Life Department and Xu Hang, Director of UH Shanghai International Research Center. OUC President Yu Zhigang met and signed MOU with Prof. Mesch in Xingyuan Building, Laoshan Campus.

Speaking highly of UH research achievement, President Yu said that OUC and UH are both comprehensive universities featuring marine sciences, proposing the cooperation in the strong fields of the two schools before extending to humanities and social sciences. He also elaborated on 3 steps for the substantial cooperation: establishing joint labs, collaborative teams and joint research centers. 

President Mesch introduced the strength of UH in marine biology, life health and social science. He hoped for more exchange and cooperation with OUC by sending exchange students and visiting scholars to each other for joint education of high-level professionals good at application and establishing a pilot base for interdisciplinary innovation. 

Ideas were exchanged and feasible plans were made during the meeting for cooperation in the fields of shared interest between UH delegation and OUC professors of Marine Life Sciences as well as Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences also present at the meeting was the Director of OUC International Office. 

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