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The School holds 2017 graduate ceremony and degree awarding ceremony


On the morning of June 14, 2017 postgraduate graduation ceremonies and degree awards ceremony were held at the Kaiyuan Convention Center. Party committee secretary Sun Jinfeng, principal Kongli'an, deputy party secretary Li Yi, vice presidents Zhou Zhili, Song Shuzhong, Xie Jingpei, Li Youjun, Lei Fang, school union chairman Meng Wei attended the ceremony. All members of the School graduate degree assessment committee, the relevant functional departments, the graduate student training unit, graduate counselors, graduate teachers and 2017 batch of all graduating students attended the ceremony. The graduation ceremony was chaired by Vice President Zhou Zhili.

With the sound of the magnificent national anthem, the graduation ceremony and degree awarding ceremony began.Song Shuzhong, the vice president read the "Henan University of Science and Technology 2017 degree award" speech, Li Yi, deputy secretary read "Henan University of Science and Technology on the recognition of outstanding graduates of 2017 outstanding decision", and Vice President Xie Jingpei read “Henan University of Science and Technologys recognition of outstanding scholarship thesis 2017
With the sound of cheerful music, the school leadership for the 2017 graduate students issued diplomas and took pictures with them.
Sun Jinfeng    secretary, Kongli’an principals, vice president of Zhou Zhili, Song Shuzhong vice president for each master’s degree graduate students princess, grants degree, and posed for pictures.
Graduates students, students of the School of Food and Biological Engineering Yang Guodi students speak. She recalled himself in the river seven years during the school bit by bit, the alma mater's selfless cultivation and teacher care and guidance to express my heartfelt thanks, and wish the alma mater to flourish, and then book chapter!
Master tutor instructor, Professor Lin Shuangchen College of Forestry to congratulate all graduate students to complete their studies. He shared his own research experience, to encourage students to insist on serious life, sense of doing things, brave meet the future and challenges, and look forward to reunited with the students again. He expressed his warm congratulations to all the graduates who received the master's degree on behalf of nearly 50,000 teachers and students. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the teachers and parents who have cultivated their talents and have made great efforts to ““For the title to everyone on the last lesson before leaving school. Professor Kong pointed out that the students in the river science study for several years, witnessed and witnessed the school building "domestic advanced, with its own characteristics of the high level of comprehensive university" by leaps and bounds, fully practiced the " The motto, the development of the "self-improvement, the pursuit of excellence," the river spirit, harvest knowledge, appreciate the joy, enhance the ability and quality, temper the will and conduct, with their own talent and action to write the wonderful times of graduate students Huazhang.
On the upcoming journey of new life graduate students, Kong principals with a unique vision and forward-looking vision to share with you on the "double creation" era of thinking and sentiment, and made three hope:
First, we must pay attention to the national innovation and entrepreneurship policy. As a graduate of the river graduate, we must not miss the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" is full of opportunities and challenges of the great era. Opportunities only favor those who are prepared, the challenge will scare off the weak in the competition.

Second, we must grasp the inherent meaning of innovation and entrepreneurship. Innovation and entrepreneurship should be based on innovation based on entrepreneurship, innovation is the basis and premise of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is the practice of innovation and expression. Students want to think and correctly think about this problem, in the future work and life to take a good grasp of this problem.
Three is to write a wonderful innovation and entrepreneurship life. As a graduate of the river school, we should give full attention to the school during the study of the subject knowledge, the ability to master, as soon as possible to form their own innovative entrepreneurial temperament, adhere to youth dreams, be fearless, never slack Never give up, both looking at the stars, but also down to earth, writing their own innovation and entrepreneurship wonderful life, and strive to create their own good future.
Finally, President Kong said with deep feeling that the students, when out of school, into the community, must achieve the role of leadership, and have more responsibility. No matter where you go, please remember to sing our school song "surging Yellow River, towering Song Yue, peach and fragrance, root in the river Luo"; do not forget the "Millennium Royal Park, Peony City" within you a home. Alma Mater is always the spiritual homeland of students, sincerely hope that we often contact with alma mater, often go home to see. Alma mater will pay close attention to the growth and development of graduates, and strive to become a strong backing for the vast number of alumni.

Professor Zhu Huiqing of the University of Southern Mississippi in the United States came to visit our school for academic report

At 9:00 on June 9, at the invitation of the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics, Professor Zhu Huiqing of the University of South Mississippi, USA, gave a lecture at the lecture hall of the School of Mathematics and Statistics,

《A hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin method for distributed optimal control problems》Academic report. The report was chaired by Chang Zhiyong, a teacher from the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics, and the students of the faculty attended the report.

In his report, Prof. Zhu introduced his main work in the finite element study and some hot issues in the field. At the end of the lecture, Professor Zhu had a cordial exchange with the students and teachers on the problems of postgraduate examination, Cobb and mathematics education in American universities.

Zhu Huiqing,received  a Ph. D. From Wayne State University in 2009, was an assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Southern Mississippi from 2009 to 2015, and was an associate professor at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Southern Mississippi in 2015, USA, University. Dr. Zhu Huiqing has long been involved in numerical analysis and scientific computing, and is now a member of the American Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the American Association of Mathematics.



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