Henan University of Science and Technology Admissions


 Documents to be Submitted to HAUST


1. Hard copy of the completed Foreigner’s Application Form. Please make sure Application Form is signed by yourself and your photo is pasted. (2-Printed Copy)

2. A photocopy of your highest academic diploma and academic transcript(Notarised/Attested Transcripts and Diplomas-10 and 12).

3. If you are accepted by University, please submit the acceptance letter as supporting document (Admision Offer Letter).

4. 4 copy of 38mm×51mm size passport photos and 4 copy of 25mm×35mm size passport photos (8 copy).

5. A photocopy of your passport page with personal information and photo (Front and Back page). 

6.  Your Resume.

7.  Original Physical Examination Record and Blood Test Report, X-ray film, etc. (Physical/Medical Examination Certificate).

8.  Criminal Record Certificate.

9. Proof of Financial Guarantee Certificate.

10.  Notes to New Students (with signature).

11.   Money Payment/Transfer Slip (from Bank with seal).

12.  MCI Acknowledgement Paper(for some necessary countries).


In addition to the above mentioned application documents, other supplemental materials could be needed according to the requirements of HAUST.

   When registering, please bring the original copy of the above materials.

Note: For those foreign students who haven’t past the new HSK Level Test but have talent in professional fields, they are permitted to study in HAUST as probationer and sign a probation agreement, but as the requirement of the Ministry of Education in China, they need to pass the new HSK Level Test in the first school-year. If they couldn’t pass, the graduation will be postponed according to the regulations of HAUST.



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