Shenyang Urban Construction University News and Events

Foreign students to conduct fire safety drill


In order to improve the fire safety awareness of international students, to improve foreign student’s ability in fire fighting and rescue,on the 11th of November at 1pm, the school held a fire safety education class for foreign students on the 2nd floor of the teaching building, and a fire drill was carried out. 

Foreign students visit Liaoning provincial museum

In order to enrich the extracurricular cultural life of foreign students in our university, to improve their self-cultivation and to help them understand the culture and the language of China, the international students visited the Liaoning provincial Museum on the afternoon of November 25th.

Meeting of teachers of international students


On the November 24th, the Conference for foreign students teachers was held in the first conference room of the first teaching building, the meeting conveyed the expectations of the school and the international Students ' college teachers and the requirements for teachers to participate in the teaching work. 

Foreign students actively take part in sports meeting

Recently, the school held the third autumn games and all students including foreign students actively participate in it, and foreign students won the completion.

International Symposium on Security for foreign students

On the morning of March 16th, the dean of International students and the Director of security and related staff met to discuss the security of our students.

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