Shenyang Urban Construction University About us

Shenyang Urban Construction University International Education College established at the 2014, it is a teaching institution, which  in charge of international students undergraduate education, Chinese language education and international exchanges works and overall response for the admissions of foreign students, teaching and daily management work. Facing the world, Shenyang Urban Construction University recruit short-term, long-term language learners and holiday tour, culture exchange tour from different countries. In recent years, the Shenyang Urban Construction University attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation, as one of the important measures to promote the fast development of the university. Through extensively developing inter-school exchanges, steadily expanding the scale of international students, enriching the communication between teachers and students, actively introducing foreign intelligence, absorbing advanced educational philosophy and quality educational resources and other measures to make international exchange and cooperation of the university to a new level. IEC began to enroll international students in 2015. IEC has enrolled around 30 international students from more than 7 countries, including Nigeria, Cameroon, Zambia, Burundi, Kenya, Pakistan, Mexico, etc.

   IEC mainly open Chinese language education program and special field of studying, which are civil engineering and architecture at present. IEC  has advanced teaching facilities, including multi-media classrooms and student activity room. We also regularly organize students to carry a variety of second classroom activities, such as calligraphy, Chinese painting, Beijing Opera facial masks, tai chi, Chinese paper cutting, Chinese folk singing, Chinese cooking and so on. Every semester the college has plan to organize international students to do language practice or tourism, while promoting students learning Chinese, on the other hand can help students to learn more China's national conditions, history and culture.

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