Beijing Foreign Studies University News And Events

  • Prime Minister of the Greek Republic of Cyprus visited our school 

On the afternoon of May 12, Alexios Tsipras, Prime Minister of the Republic of Greece, who came to China to attend the International Cooperation Summit Forum, visited our school and was unveiled for the Northwestern Greek Research Center.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikolaos Kotzias, Greek Ambassador to China Leonidas Rokanas (Leonidas Rokanas) and other important Greek officials along with the visit. Chinese Ambassador to Greece Zou Xiaoli, former Ambassador to Greece Zhen Jianguo, former Ambassador to Cyprus Zhao Yalu, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Scholarship Council, Zhang Ning, President of China Transportation Enterprise Management Association Li Kejun, Deputy General Manager of COSCO Shipping Sun Jiakang, Capital Director of the Museum Guo Xiaoling, Chairman of Beijing Huajiang Cultural Development Co., Ltd. Chen Shao-shu, Deputy Secretary-General of China Transportation Enterprise Management Association Peng Xueli, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Wang Keping, Professor of Capital Normal University Yan Shaoxiang, Principal of our school Peng Long, Vice President Yan Guohua Attend the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Yan Guohua.

Peng Long on behalf of all the teachers and students to Prime Minister of Cyprus and all the guests warmly welcome, he pointed out that China and Greece are ancient civilizations of the world, have created a brilliant ancient civilization. In the long historical process, the people of China and Greece have always paid tribute to each other, trust each other, support each other, and create a lot of friendships and exchanges. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations 45 years ago, cooperation in various fields has been deepened and the level of cooperation has been continuously improved. "With the way" initiative, the Greek side has been enthusiastic response. Prime Minister Chippul's visit to China is the Greek side to actively participate in "the way along the way" the best proof of construction.

Peng Long said that Beijing Foreign Studies University is known as the "cradle of Chinese diplomats", professing 84 kinds of foreign languages, including the EU 28 member states of all 24 official languages. North China is an important base for cultivating Chinese language talents, and an important window for the exchange of humanities and education in China and Europe. It plays a unique and important role in China-EU relations. Learning the Greek language and culture, for the Chinese youth to better understand Greece, to further promote the development of bilateral relations, is of great significance. North Greek professional opened in 2007, founded ten years, with the strong support of the two governments, has made gratifying achievements. Young students will be the inheritors and builders of the friendship and cooperation between China and Greece. After the establishment of the Northern Greek Research Center, it will actively carry out research on the contemporary Greek politics, diplomacy, economy and society on the basis of the original Greek language and culture teaching, especially to strengthen the study of the relationship between China and Greece. State relations are healthy and smooth development contribute their own strength.

European Language Institute, International Exchange and Cooperation Department and other departments and departments, domestic experts and scholars engaged in Greek studies, the European College teachers and students and representatives of Greek students in Beijing to attend the ceremony.

  • Han Zhen secretary to go to Shandong Province to carry out recruitment work

  May 10 to 11, party secretary Han Zhen went to Shandong Province to carry out recruitment propaganda work, met with the Shandong Provincial Standing Committee, executive vice governor Li Qun, and the Shandong Provincial Department of Education Inspector Zhang Zhiyong, Shandong Province Education Admissions Examination Institute Chang Zhang Lin and other students on the work of the discussion, Jinan foreign language school, Qingdao two, Yantai one, sunshine one medium four key high school to become our first batch of high quality students in Shandong Province base.

At the symposium on the morning of the 10th, Han Zhen thanked the Shandong Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Education Enrollment Examination Institute for giving support to the North on the talent selection, and highlighted the importance of the school in language construction, discipline layout, personnel training, society Services, enrollment and other aspects of the situation, hoping to and Shandong Province Education Department, Education Enrollment Examination Institute further in the talent selection, cooperation and other areas of education to carry out in-depth exchanges and pragmatic cooperation.  

Admissions Office Director Xu Ye "on the way all the way" under the background of the comprehensive evaluation of the North outside the main content of the enrollment policy, the quality of the source base licensing and base school cooperation agreement to do a detailed description of the relevant content.     Shandong Provincial Department of Education Inspector Zhang Zhiyong, Shandong Province Education Admissions Examination Dean Zhang Lin on the north of the talent selection on the support given to Shandong expressed gratitude. Zhang Zhiyong said that Shandong accounted for nearly 8% of the population of the country, Beijing Foreign Studies University as a well-known subordinate colleges and universities, hope that the North can be in the enrollment scale, plans to give Shandong and other aspects of tilt, and hope and the North outside the collaborative education, research Aspects of cooperation can play a role in demonstrating.

On the afternoon of the 10th, Han Zhen and his party went to Jinan Foreign Language School to sign and give lectures for teachers and students outside the school, and encouraged the students to apply for Beijing Foreign Studies University. They were warmly welcomed by teachers and students. 11 morning, Han Zhen and his entourage to Qingdao, and Qingdao two, Yantai one, the sunshine one medium three key secondary schools signed and awarded. Our school will provide all-round support to the four secondary schools in foreign language teacher training, special lectures, college entrance examination and so on. We will cooperate with the quality students base in the aspects of personnel transportation and cooperation education to achieve pragmatic cooperation.

  • Duchess of Confucius Institute in Düsseldorf visited our school 

On the morning of May 11, Prof. Dr. Alfons Labisch, President of the University of Düsseldorf, Dean of the University of Düsseldorf, Dean of the Confucius Institute in Düsseldorf, Dr. Cord Eberspaecher visited our school. Vice President Yan Guohua met with Lazes and his party, the two sides on the development of Confucius Institute in Düsseldorf in-depth discussion. 


Yan Guohua expressed his gratitude to Lazes and Pega de for his positive efforts and important contributions to the development of the Confucius Institute in Düsseldorf and the promotion of cooperation between the two schools. He said that the North will provide high-quality resources to strengthen the interaction and exchange with the University of Düsseldorf, fully support the development of Confucius Institute, hoping to facilitate the exchange of visits between principals.

Lazes and Pei Gao De later introduced the recent operation of the Confucius Institute, the future development plan, and the Confucius Institute plans to implement the two-school research cooperation project concept.   Director of the Confucius Institute Director Zhang Xiaohui, Dean of the Global History Research Institute and Director of the Confucius Institute at Düsseldorf attended the meeting.   

The Confucius Institute in Düsseldorf was established on 6 December 2006 and was co-chaired by the University of Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf Heinez Heinrich University. Over the past decade, the Confucius Institute has made full use of the resources and atmosphere of the city of Düsseldorf in North Rhine-Westphalia to organize a variety of Chinese courses and organize rich cultural activities. It has become an important window for the German people to understand Chinese language and culture.

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