Shenyang Normal University News And Events

  • Shenyang City Youth Education Protection Research and Training Base settled in our school

April 26, Shenyang City Youth Education Protection Research and Training Base was established ceremony and 2017 academic seminar held in our school,Tian Jiabing Education College.
Vice President Xia Min, Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Education Deputy Director Sun Yong, Shenyang City Youth Education Protection Office of the person in charge of the School of Education
Science and the psychology of teachers and students attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by the president of the School of Educational Science Park Xia Min vice president and Sun Yong,
deputy director of the speech, and common base for the unveiling. School of Education Science Park Snow Tao Dean and Youth Education and
Protection Office Qu Xiangdong signed a cooperation agreement.

In his speech, Vice-Chancellor Xia Min pointed out that the protection of adolescent education is a huge systematic project involving a wide range of government, schools and society to build the necessary link.
The establishment of research and training base is the university and the government co-innovation embodiment. Shenyang Normal University will give full play to the professional advantages of education,
and effectively strengthen cooperation with the City Board of Education and Youth Education and Protection Office, and constantly expand the breadth and depth of collaborative innovation,
common base construction, training, training and integration of high-quality platform , For the Shenyang City Youth Education and Protection of the cause of our school personnel training, scientific research,
social services and other work to contribute to the development.

Sun Yong, deputy director of the speech in the briefing of the Shenyang City Youth Office of the work functions and the work of the protection of youth education in Shenyang City, the characteristics of the
work model and achieved excellent results, analysis of the current adolescent mental health, ideology and morality and values Profound changes and emerging problems. It is hoped that this cooperation will
enable the two sides to further grasp the social realities, master the law of the protection of juvenile education, give full play to the advantages of multi-disciplinary cooperation between the Youth Education Office
and the School of Educational Science, and make new contributions to the development of youth education protection.

After the establishment of the ceremony, held in 2017 and the first academic seminar. Shenyang City Youth Mental Health Center business leader Xie Ou, Shenyang City, the first 36 secondary school teachers Xue Yu,
Shenyang Normal University, vice president of School of Education, respectively, from the youth mental health counseling system, minors psychological counseling, psychological theory Research and practice of the
new progress of the combination of three different angles made a wonderful speech, and the presence of the psychology of undergraduate and graduate students had an interactive exchange, opened the Shenyang City Youth
Education Protection research and training base of the prelude.

The base is the Shenyang Normal University School of Education and Shenyang City Youth Education Protection Office to build the project, is the College of Education Science and earnestly implement
the "Shenyang Normal University" thirteen five "development plan outline (2016 - 2020)", The implementation of "collaborative innovation" concept of work, in-depth exploration of university and government cooperation
mechanism and the construction of university think tank path. The establishment of the base and the convening of academic seminars, marking the future will be in the personnel training and scientific research, social
services and other fields work together to contribute to the development of youth education and protection efforts.

  • The Software Institute holds lectures on ceremonial norms for college students

In order to strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization of software students, to enhance the comprehensive ability of student cadres,combined with the daily needs of students of software college students,
students organized by the student cadre training center invited to the Institute of Tourism Management Professor Li Xiuyan to the ceremony to carry out ceremonial training. April 20, Software College
College students etiquette specification lectures in the software 118 classroom. Student work teacher, all members of the twelfth group organization participated in this event.

During the event, Professor Li Xiuyan from the "ritual image", "instrument image", "image of the behavior" three aspects of a detailed explanation, and on-site demonstration and guidance. Professor Li language humorous,
accurate and concise demonstration, guidance nuanced. The students said that Professor Li taught and learned, and learned the common etiquette norms, and will be applied to the future study and life.

  • School of Physical Science and Technology student party branch to the aviation community to carry out volunteer service

In order to better carry out student students' "two learning and one learning" education, the "basic in school, the key to do" as the focus, the foothold and the fundamental method, and further strengthen and improve
the new situation of college propaganda and ideological work, Party members practice services, keep in mind the mission, contributing to society. April 22, the School of Physical Science and Technology student party
branch of 26 student members, activists to the aviation community to carry out volunteer service activities.

At nine o'clock in the morning, the students arrived at the community on time. According to the arrangement of the community staff and the effective division of the actual sanitation of the community, the community service
center office, staircase and corridor were cleaned, the publicity bar, the small advertisement on the wall, Carrying a garbage bag to clean up the debris on the road within the community. After an hour of hard work to show
the community a more clean and fresh face. Finally, the community work to the students expressed their gratitude, and introduced the community construction and their focus, hope to have more opportunities to exchange
 opportunities later.
This event is the first time the Institute of Physics to the volunteer service to the community, the community for students to provide a new practice base and service platform. The community volunteer service activities,
not only to enhance the student party members, activists cohesion, but also further closer to the student members, activists and the people of the link. To guide students in the theoretical study on the basis of a more in-depth
combination of party members dedicated to the volunteer service activities to understand the "two schools to do a" basis and the key, really will be learned in the heart, outside the line, Life and student work to play a
vanguard role of party members.


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