Tianjin Medical University News and Events

  • Our school held strict adherence to the "six disciplines" firmly establish the "four consciousness" theme lectures

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party, according to the requirements of the Education Work Committee on 

"Doing a Good Job of Establishing the" Four Consciousness "Topical Propaganda Work", in late April, all the party members and student members In the organization to carry out strict adherence 

to the "six disciplines", firmly establish the "four consciousness" theme preaching activities, multi-level, multi-form and wide areas of the "four consciousness" theme preaching work in place.

April 25 afternoon, the school held in the large lecture hall "to strengthen the discipline construction, firmly establish the 'four consciousness' theme preaching", school party secretary Yao Zhi do

preach report, the school more than 180 cadres and two classes The teacher attended the lecture.

Yao Zhi stressed that strict adherence to the "six disciplines" and firmly establish the "four consciousness" is the fundamental requirement of implementing the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the

 Eighteenth Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. It is the fundamental way to purify the political ecology and to strengthen the fundamental political construction The pointer is to implement 

the fundamental protection of the legislation to establish legislation. From the further understanding of the importance of establishing the 'four consciousness' firmly, he firmly established and consciously 

practiced the "four consciousness", and comprehensively established the "four consciousness" in three aspects: "Made a detailed interpretation.

  • Professor Zhang Wanqi "Am J Clin Nutr" provides evidence of iodine safety in children

Tianjin Medical University School of Public Health Professor Zhang Wanqi research team recently completed the study of iodine safe intake of children. Related research results published in January 2017 in 

the nutrition TOP magazine "Am J Clin Nutr" (2015 impact factor 6. 703, 5 years influencing factor 7.409), entitled "Associations between iodine intake, thyroid volume and goiter rate in school- Age children 

from areas with high iodine drinking water concentration ".

In view of the fact that the development of children's iodine intake safety threshold (UL) is derived from adults on a global scale, there is a lack of direct research data from children. According to the
determination of iodine concentration of drinking water in more than 2,000 schoolchildren living in high iodine and iodine areas in China, the 24h urinary iodine excretion test, dietary iodine intake assessment,
thyroid-related hormone and thyroid volume were measured, Comprehensive assessment of the relationship between different iodine intake and the health of children, initially proposed 7-10 year old children
iodine UL range of 150-249μg / d, 11-14 year old children 150-299μg / d recommendations. This study is based on the study of iodine and iodine in children with high iodine exposure, and the epidemiological
investigation of the large sample population is carried out. The study published two papers in Nutrition TOP Magazine, American Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) and Nutritional Journal (JN), Tianjin Medical University
as the first and communication unit.

This study was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) key projects and surface projects, Tianjin Science and Technology Support Project and Nestlé International Nutrition Fund.

  • Professor Yao Zhi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, met with the delegation of the Dean of the Baylor College of Medicine

On the morning of April 11, 2017, Professor Yao Zhi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School, met with Prof. Paul Klotman, Chief Executive Officer of Baylor College of Medicine, and Mr. Wayne Keathley,

Vice President of Administration, Sharmila Anandasabapathy Professor and Dr. Bernard Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Veselas Ventures. Professor Zhang Ning, Vice President of our school, Director of

International Exchange and Cooperation Department, Dean of Academic Affairs, Nursing School and International Medical College, and Mr. Feng Xue, President of Tianjin Medical Association, Distance 

Medical Association of Tianjin Medical Education Association attended the meeting.

On behalf of the school, Prof. Yao Zhi extended a warm welcome to Professor Paul Klotman, Dean of Baylor College of Medicine. Yao Shuji highly recognized the important contribution and status of Baylor 

College of Medicine in North America and the global medical field.

Tianjin Medical University as an independent school of medical schools and Baylor College of Medicine have many in common, it is worth learning and learning a lot of places. President Paul Klotman said he was

very pleased to see the current level of medical education and scientific research in China, Tianjin Medical University has also made a very gratifying achievement.

Sincerely hope that with my school in scientific research, medical, personnel training and distance education and other aspects of specific cooperation. The two sides on medical education in the context of 

globalization, how to cultivate medical students, doctors and teacher training, cooperation in running schools and other aspects of cooperation in-depth discussion. At the same time, the two sides believe that

 the two schools in the field of biomedicine, cancer, neurology, pediatrics, genetic diseases and other areas can play their strengths and strong combination of scientific research and medical cooperation has 

broad prospects and possible.

During the visit, the delegation of the Dean of the Baylor College of Medicine visited the International Medical College Simulated Hospital and the Basic Medical Research Center. United States Baylor College

of Medicine is located in Houston, United States, is a private medical school, is currently considered one of the nation's most outstanding medical school. The medical field of biomedical research in the field

of international leadership, and in the development of biology, cardiovascular disease, cell biology and so has a high level of research. The school was founded in 1990 and has been around for over 100 years.


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