Tianjin Medical University About us

Tianjin Medical University is the second medical university approved by Chinese government for eight-year medical education following Peking Union Medical University and is one of the first 15 institutions that offer seven-year medical program. Currently, the university has 15 disciplines authorized to confer Bachelor’s degree, They are clinical medicine (7-year and 5-year programs), Dentistry (7-year and 5-year programs), Anesthesiology (5-year program), Medical Imaging (4-year and 5-year programs), Medical Laboratory (5-year program), Preventive Medicine (5-year program), Nursing (4-year program), Biomedical Engineering (4-year program), Pharmacy (4-year program), Pharmaceutical Preparation (4-year program), Law of Science (4-year program), Optometry (4-year program), Sports Health and Rehabilitation (4-year program), Health Administration (4-year program). Meanwhile, TMU was the first university that offers the subjects of nursing, biomedical engineering and medical imaging among the Chinese medical universities.

Currently the university has five post-doctoral research stations, seven first-level and 37 second-level disciplines authorized to confer doctoral degrees; 11 first-level and 68 second-level disciplines authorized to confer Master’s degrees with 229 doctoral supervisors and 737 graduate supervisors.
The university has 5 national key disciplines: clinical discipline of integrated traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine; oncology; urological surgery; neurosurgery; and endocrine & metabolic diseases. There are 10 key construction disciplines of "211 project": clinical discipline of integrated traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, oncology, urological surgery, neurosurgery and neurology, endocrine and metabolic diseases, imaging and nuclear medicine, pathogen biology and immunology, pathology and pathophysiology, public health and preventive medicine and pharmacy. At present, the university has 15 Tianjin municipal key disciplines. Also, there are 13 Provincial and Ministerial key laboratories: the key laboratory of breast cancer prevention and care appointed by the Ministry of Education; the key laboratory of hormone and development appointed by the Ministry of Health; the key laboratory of immune micro-environment and disease appointed by the Ministry of Education; the key laboratory of variation of nerve injury and regeneration appointed by the Ministry of Education; Tianjin key laboratory of tumor prevention and cure; Tianjin key laboratory of basic medicine of urology; Tianjin key laboratory of cellular and molecular immunology; Tianjin laboratory of lung cancer metastasis and tumor micro-environment; Tianjin key laboratory of medical epigenetics; Tianjin key laboratory of crucial techniques of clinical medicines; Tianjin key laboratory of oncological immunity and biotherapy, Tianjin key laboratory of functional imaging as well as a coordinated innovation center of epigenetics. Additionally, we also have 14 research institutes in our university. 
Since the eleventh Five-year Plan, TMU has undertaken 2039 national, provincial and ministerial research projects and obtained 251 awards, including 5 National Science and Technology Awards, 13 first-prize and 74 second-prize Provincial and Ministerial Science & Technology Awards.

Since the founding of TMU, we have brought up over 40,000 medical specialists at all levels. The university obtained the "excellent" performance appraisal for bachelor’s degree and seven-year Master’s degree education by the Ministry of Education in 2002 and 2008. Meanwhile, for the overall inspection of the "211 Project" development during "Ninth Five-Year Plan" and the "Tenth Five-Year Plan", our university was confirmed to be "excellent" again; Also for the "211 Project" development during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", our university was awarded the comment of "outstanding performance in the development" by Ministry of Education, Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Finance, along with other 27 universities nationwide. In 2009, Tianjin Medical University was awarded by the title of " National Civilized Unit" during the 3rd session of selection.

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