Tianjin International Chinese College News and Events

  • Feel the charm of ancient rhyme, taste the ancient Chinese culture--Tianjin International Chinese College opens Guqin elective course 

In order to allow students to feel close to the charm of Chinese traditional culture and improve their interest in learning on Chinese, Tianjin Institute of international Chinese for foreign students 

arranged colorful Chinese talent elective course, Guqin classes are the most sought after one of the courses.

Compared to the traditional skills such as music 、cheese、calligraphy and painting, Guqin shows elegant music character ignited the traditional literati’s pride and other worldly attitude.

Tianjin International Chinese college  opened Guqin elective courses for students, besides in learning Chinese, they can go to experience the Chinese ancient culture  and profound cultural heritage, 

and enhance the comprehensive understanding of the Chinese culture.

In the classroom, the Guqin teacher use her finger to rhyme in a short moment showing Guqin charm, attracted students to praise again and again.

Under the careful guidance of our teacher,the foreign students learned from some basic temperament,imitate the teacher’s gestures and practice again and again.A whirl of elegant sound of 

Guqin echoes in the classroom.

There is nothing difficult in the world. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. Under the guidance of teachers and their efforts, the foreign students gradually master the basic melody playing skills, 

training of the Guqin ancient interest. Finger plucked stringed and the sound of the Guqin hang around ears, giving them a wonderful and unforgettable experience in the process of Chinese learning.

  • In rigid and flexible experience cultural charm, move in one highlight Tai Chi style--Tianjin International Chinese college open the Tai Chi elective course 

In order to further enrich the students of course content, and help them to better experience of traditional Chinese culture, Tianjin International Chinese College opened Tai Chi elective courses for the foreign students. They have positive attitude, warm responses and highly praise the charm of fitness, health and cultural in Tai Chi.

Tai Chi, as a kind of cultural experience, contains both hardness and softness, the wisdom of David and Goliath, and helps the students to learn Chinese culture, enhance physical and mental health. 

After and Tai Chi "intimate contact", the students move the same way as the master. Concentrated static gas, feeling deep latent Tai Chi inclusive of all things; gestures, to deepen understanding of the 

essence of Chinese traditional culture.

Tianjin International Chinese College open the Tai Chi class for foreign students,  is not only  conducive to students'''' physical and mental health on the basis of the rich curriculum, but also to 

deepen the cultural experience in the perspective of the students'''' learning, and truly achieve the "inside and outside the classroom, learning with one" teaching effectiveness.

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