Northwestern Polytechnical University News And Events

 Introducing Two New Deans at NPU

NPU is excited to announce that we have expanded our academic leadership team.

School of Engineering

Dr. Thawi Iwagoshi, Dean of School of Engineering

Dr. Thawi Iwagoshi has been internally promoted to full time Dean. Thawi will work with our Chief Academic Officer, Nelly Mangarova, to lead the school of Engineering through both the accreditation processes and building the tools that will allow our faculty to expand and improve upon their already substantial success within the school of Engineering.

Thawi brings to the role of Dean the experience of an entrepreneur and professional roles spanning a diverse range of Engineering and IT. Thawi joined NPU in 2014. Thawi brings an energy and skill set that are invaluable to this role.

School of Business & Information Technology

Mr. Jim Connor, Dean of School of Business & Information Technology

In the same role within the School of Business & Information Technology Mr. Jim Connor is now the full time Dean. Jim will also work with Nelly to lead our academic departments through both the accreditation process while enhancing existing tools utilized by our faculty to take the School of Business & Information Technology to greater heights of excellence.

Jim takes on this role with, in addition to a professional life outside of education, 20 years of teaching and administrative experience in the University of California System. Jim joined the NPU faculty in 2013 and his past experiences have proven an invaluable contribution to NPU.

President of NPU was invited to join at White House final Community College Convening


President of NPU was invited to join at White House final Community College Convening and for the reception at the Vice President’s and Dr. Biden's residence at the Naval Observatory. American College Promise - Community College Program is President Obama's vision for America’s College Promise, which would make two years of community college free for hard-working stude NPU made its commitment to Support President Obama's Initiative -American College Promise.

The Even highlighted best practices to strengthen community college reform and partnerships to make progress on shared goals of college opportunity and college affordability. Attendees—included college Presidents, policymakers, elected officials, foundations, business leaders, researchers, and students—who described effective solutions that can improve college-readiness strategies like dual enrollment, and pathways to a college degree and good-paying job. 

Since the President announced America’s College Promise in 2015, over 36 new programs have launched in states, communities, and schools across the country.



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