Northwestern Polytechnical University About us

There are 16 academic schools offering 65 undergraduate programs, 120 postgraduate programs, 71 doctoral programs, and 17 postdoctoral programs. NPU currently has 22 disciplines at Doctoral level and 32 disciplines at Masters level, covering nearly all traditional and newly evolving areas of academic inquiry.


School of Aeronautics

School of Astronautics

School of Marine Science and Technology

School of Materials Science and Engineering

School of Mechanical Engineering

School of Mechanics, Civil Engineering and Architecture

School of Power and Energy

School of Electronics and Information

School of Automation

School of Computer Science and Engineering

School of Natural and Applied Sciences

School of Management

School of Humanities, Economics and Law

School of Software and Microelectronics

School of Life Sciences

School of Foreign Languages


Promoting a first-class education to cultivate an innovative spirit and practical ability is the primary task of NPU. More than 70% of students take part in projects launched on their own initiative to develop their practical business skills and innovative talent in 19 Undergraduate Practicing Innovation Centers and 1 Postgraduate Innovation Lab. In the last decade NPU students gained more than3, 500 provincial-level awards, among which more than 105 were international prizes.

Global Horizon

NPU has joined the University Association comprising universities from Finland, Spain, Belarus and Russia, and is a representative university for CSC supported exchange programs. NPU has launched cooperation programs with, amongst others: INSA in France, VUB in Belgium, New Mexico State University and the University of Michigan in the US, and Braunschweig Technical University in Germany.

Every year more than 650 NPU students join exchange programs with our international partners, or go to study abroad as part of their own academic development. Around half of them receive financial support from NPU or CSC.

Moreover, the NPU-QMUL Joint Educational Institution (Queen Mary University of London Engineering School, Northwestern Polytechnical University) was established in 2016. As the first Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools in the northwest region of China, the JEI adopts “4+0” training mode in English, provides 2 degree programs options in the Materials Science, which confers the bachelor’s degree of both universities with the graduation requirements of both sides. The JEI will provide a high quality degree level education in the subject of Engineering through collaboration between two leading international universities, QMUL in the UK and NPU in China.


NPU’s student-oriented educational programs are designed not only to promote academic excellence and technical competence, but also to foster a global outlook with a keen sense of social responsibility. Since its foundation NPU has graduated 180,000 students who have gone on to work in a wide range of sectors in the national and international economy. These include 5,600 Doctors and 34,700 Masters. More than 50 doctors or teachers were admitted to the Hundborg Foundation or Marie Curie Fellowship. Among NPU’s alumni 45 are Academicians of the CAE or CAS, 46 have the rank of General, while 6 have been honored with the accolade of “China’s Ten Outstanding Youth”. A large group of alumni are the leading pillar of the nation in the field of research and business.

Turning Dreams into Reality

NPU is proud of its role at the cutting edge of scientific and technological research, and we take pains to ensure our ideas in the lab can be put into practice. Building on the expertise developed in each of our faculties, we manage our research projects to harness the critical insights and innovative thinking of an open-minded interdisciplinary approach, and to facilitate effective cooperation with our research partners at national and international level. Of China’s 16 National Special Science and Technology Projects, NPU has  participated in 10.

Moreover, our per capita scientific research funding is the second highest in China,thus we have moved forward into a world of unprecedented challenge and opportunity, which helps to ensure we can continue to turn dreams into reality.

Centers and Institutions

● State Key Labs:

State Key Laboratory of Solidification Processing

State Key Laboratory of Space Flight Dynamics

State Key Laboratory of UAV Special Technology

State Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Thermostructural Composite Materials

National Key Laboratory of Aerodynamic Design and Research

State Key Laboratory of Combustion, Thermal Structure and Flow Field

State Key Laboratory of Underwater Information and Control

● State Engineering Research Center:

Research and Application Center of Forging Technique for Less Deformable Materials

National Engineering Research Center of UAS

National Engineering Research Center of Ceramic Matrix Composites Manufacture Technology

● National Demonstration Base for International Technology Cooperation:

International Joint Research Center on Moving Platform Ambient Perception &Computing and Space Applications

China International Science and Technology Cooperation Base of Effectiveness Analysis for Aircraft Complex

Brain Bank

At NPU we believe passionately that our greatest resource is our people, and we recognize that it is not just a question of recruiting and enrolling top individual talent. That is why we make sure our talent at every level is brought together in teams that can work in a friendly and stimulating ambience to achieve the critical insights and innovative solutions required of today’s leading research institutions. To harness and guide the enthusiasm and creativity of our students we are proud to have:

over 1,800 full and associate professors

639 PhD supervisors

25 Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) or the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) – including external members

24 chair and lecture professors of the Cheung Kung Scholars Program

10 nominees of the “Thousand Talents Program”

12 winners of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars

5 nominees of the “National High-level Personnel of Special Support Program”

● Talents Special Zone:

Brain Decoding Research Center

Research Center for Computational Science

Center for Nano Energy Materials

Center for OPTical Imagery Analysis and Learning

Center for Big Data and Interdisciplinary Sciences

Research Center for Ecology and Environmental Sciences

Scientific Collaboration

NPU has established cooperation with over 150 universities, enterprises and institutes from different countries including the U.S.A, the UK, Germany, France, Russia and Japan. NPU has 4 National Institutional Discipline Innovation Bases, 1 State International Software Talents Training Base, and 48 Sino-international research institutions. We have invited over 200 well-known foreign experts, scholars and professors to serve as honorary or visiting professors at NPU, including Nobel Prize Winners Tsung Dao Lee and Harold Walter Kroto. Among these 8 foreign experts won the National Friendship Award.

The Place We Call Home

Campus Life

Everyone at NPU can participate in a wide range of arts activities supported by our newly opened Arts Center which provides specialized guidance for all those who are interested in developing their artistic talents. Our main performance hall can accommodate an audience of 1,000.

There are 5 high-level professional sports teams in NPU at present, namely, the Track and Field Team, the Men’s Volleyball Team, the Men’s Basketball Team, the Table Tennis Team, and the Badminton Team. Of particular note is the Men’s Basketball team which has been a strong contingent of the CUBA teams, and has won the University and College Championships in Shaanxi Province 16 times since 1990.

Community service

Since 1938 NPU has been helping students combine their personal life goals with a social commitment to community development. Every student should do social work at least once when they attend school. We also provide students with various opportunities for academic forums, recreational activities, exchange scholarships, and volunteer services, so that you can make the most of your spare time. With more than 100 registered clubs to choose from you will have plenty of opportunity to develop your hobbies, talents and skills, meet like-minded people, and make life-long friends.

NPU’s student-oriented educational programs are designed not only to promote academic excellence and technical competence, but also to foster a global outlook with a keen sense of social responsibility. We believe this helps to nurture the all-round talent and creativity that are vital to meeting the challenges of today’s globalized world, and we aim to continue building on our world-class reputation for innovation and research in this spirit.

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