North-East Normal University News And Events

  •                                                                                   NENU Makes Another Success in Assessment of National Training Project (2016)

                                                                                                        Published:14 Apr 2017Review:10

           The training project for model head teachers in primary school and the assistance project for principals in remote and poor areas organized by School of Faculty Development of Education Department of NENU, rank                  first in comprehensive  ranking.

             (From News Center, translated by Yang Yue, revised by Chen Yanxu)

  • The Academy Awards Advertising Contests (Spring Session) of the 15th China Collegiate Advertising Art Festival's National College Tour • School Presentation (Changchun Station) Held in NENU

                                                                                                                            Published:13 Apr 2017Review:10

  • On April 11th, the Academy Awards Advertising Contests (spring session) of the 15th China Collegiate Advertising Art Festival’s national college tour • school presentation (Changchun station) was held in NENU. Over 400 teachers and students in advertising major from over 10 universities and colleges attended the presentation.

    (From News Center, translated by Yang Yue, revised by Chen Yanxu)

  • NENU's Training Center for Headmasters Ranks Top for Two Consecutive Years in the Comprehensive Assessment of "Assistance Project for Principals in Remote and Poor Areas"

                                                                                                                                 Published:12 Apr 2017Review:10

  • NENU's training center for headmasters of kindergarten ranks top for two consecutive years in the comprehensive assessment of "Assistance Project for Principals in Remote and Poor Areas". It is the second time that NENU's training center got first prize since the year of 2015. 

    (From News Center, translated by Yang Yue, revised by Chen Yanxu)

  • Three Teachers of NENU Elected as Young Scholars of “Changjiang Scholars Program”by the Ministry of Education

                                                                                               Published:2 Apr 2017Review:10

  • Recently, the Ministry of Education released the list of 2016 "Changjiang Scholars Program." Professor Bi Xihe from the School of Chemistry, Professor Liu Shanhuai from the Faculty of Education, and Professor Wang Zhanren from the Research Center for Ideological and Political Education of NENU are elected as young scholars of the program. Currently, there are a total of 16 Changjiang Scholars in NENU, including 7 distinguished professors, 4 chair professors, and 5 young scholars. 

    (From News Center, translated by Wu Yuning, revised by Qiu Yunlong)

  • The 1st National Education Development Forum for Physical Teachers was Held in NENU

                                                          Published:29 Nov 2016Review:10

  • On Nov. 29th, the 1st National Educational Development Forum for Physical Teachers, organized by the School of Physics, was held in NENU. Nearly one hundred teacher representatives, from different universities, middle schools, primary schools and internship base schools, attended the forum. After the forum, the School of Physics invited representatives to appreciate the sports show performed by students, including dragon and lion dances, martial arts, cheer aerobics and so on.           

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