Hebei University News and Events

Foreign Language Institute held the "Hebei University seventh youth teacher classroom teaching contest" college trials

In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of young teachers to encourage young teachers to strengthen teaching and research, to improve the teaching level, the School of Foreign Languages held the "The 3rd Young Teachers' Classroom Teaching Contest" in Hebei University on the 28th floor of the new campus. Challenge live contest.

According to the spirit of Notification of the 7th Youth Teachers' Classroom Teaching Contest, the Foreign Language Institute set up a jury composed of nine professors and associate professors to formulate the schedule and scoring rules. This selection lasted for one month, divided into two links, the first part, including the class lectures, access to lesson plans, handouts, student work and other materials. The second link for the April 28 live game, including lectures and lectures in two parts. The final grades of the participating teachers are the sum of the first link (40%) and the second link (60%).

River large courtyard to carry out "show the image of landscaping environment" party activities day activities

April 27 afternoon, Hebei University Hospital organized more than 130 members of the party members to carry out activities of party members in the headquarters and the North Institute of the city to carry out the "image of the landscaping environment," party members volunteer service activities, the hospital hospital, Was cleaned.

River Party Affiliated Party Committee in accordance with the Baoding Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Hebei University Party Committee of the relevant activities, adhere to the prominent theme, to show party members style, enhance the vitality of party members and party branch cohesion as the focus to party members volunteer service as the carrier, carefully organized to ensure that activities Do not engage in flower shelves, do not go through the field.

Our school teacher Peng Bo in the United States Bridge Hong Kong University successfully held personal design exhibition

Local time April 22, 2017 to 28, our school went to the United States Bridge Harbor University visiting scholar, Art Institute Associate Professor Peng Bo in the United States Bridge Harbor University School of Design successfully held the "vision sector" personal design work exchange exhibition. Professor Max S. Shangle, Dean of SASD School of Design at Bridge University, Prof. Emily Larned, Director of Visual Communication Design Department, Professor Richard Yelle, Director of Industrial Design Department, Professor Zhang Yanjing, Director of Visiting School, Attended the opening of the exhibition.

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