Hebei University China

As the only key comprehensive university co-established by the Province and the Ministry in Hebei Province, Hebei University is vested with great importance  in  the  region.  It  leads  the  way  in  the development of higher education in Hebei province. Originally founded by the French Jesuits as Tianjin Business  University,  the  university  has  gone  through  several periods,  including  Tianjin Business Institute, Jingu University, Tianjin Normal College, Tianjin Normal University. And in 1960, it  became  Hebei University and moved to the present site-Baoding, in 1970, a city with a long history and rich culture.

Presently Hebei University is a  compound of the Old Campus, the New Campus and the Medical School. Taking up an area of 192 hectares or so, and a building area of  1,000,000  square  meters, the  university  boasts  of  its  beautiful campus  sceneries and excellent facilities. The library has a collection  of  3,900,000  books  and  documents,  ranking  the  first of its  kind in  the province. The university  museum  houses  8,000  antiques  and 120,000,000 specimens of plants and animals,  which makes  it a  first class  university museum nationwide. The university press is the only one of its kind in the province. As one of the top hospitals in Hebei province, its affiliated hospital has a history of more than 100 years and covers medical care, teaching, research, prevention care, and rehabilitation training. 

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