Hebei University About us

Hebei University (HEBU), a key comprehensive university in Hebei Province, is the only major construction project with the joint force of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance of China and Hebei Provincial government. The university comprises 24 departments and colleges, with 71 specialties for undergraduates covering 10 branches of learning. Doctor's degree can be awarded in 7 subjects and Master's in 66. There are 4 postdoctoral research stations, one national liberal arts base, 12 provincial scientific research centers and 5 key provincial labs. At present, the total enrollment is 4,7368 including 85 doctors, 1,441 graduates, 23,936 undergraduates, and more than 200 international students.  

The  30  colleges  and  5  teaching  departments  of the  university  provide  undergraduate  programs in 87 majors, which cover 11 fields except agriculture science. The  university  awards  master's  degrees in  40 first  level  disciplines except military science. It also awards professional master degrees in 19  disciplines,  being  the  first in  the  province  to experiment in professional master degree programs. In addition, the university awards doctor’s degrees in optical engineering,  chemistry,  Chinese  language  and  literature,philosophy, history, management, engineering, communication studies. The  37  doctor  degree   programs   cover   philosophy,  literature,  economics,  law,  education,  history,  natural  science,  engineering  and management. There are more than 3,300 teaching staff in the university, 1/4 of whom hold doctor’s degrees. The number of undergraduates reaches 41,000, while the number of graduate students and doctorate candidates is 5,500. There are also 350 international students. 
        The university attaches primary importance to the education of its students and academic researches. It also assumes the responsibility to serve the community. Its graduates boast of their knowledge and creativity. Since its founding in 1921,there have been more than 300,000 graduates from the University, working for the society and adding to the prestige and glory of the university. 
        Now,  provided  with  the  rare chance  of  being selected to be co-established by the Province and the Ministry, Hebei University is striving to be among the top universities in the nation.

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